Keasbey Scholarship Overview

Cambridge University History and Purpose: Miss Marguerite A. Keasbey established the Keasbey Memorial Foundation in the 1950s to honor her parents by providing scholarships for British students and American college graduates to pursue degrees in Britain. The Keasbey Foundation has established ties with the following institutions in the UK: Oxford (Christ Church, Balliol, Hertford, New, University, and Trinity colleges); Cambridge  (King's, Selwyn, St. John's,and Trinity colleges); and the University of Edinburgh. The Foundation provides scholarships to selected students attending these schools.

Award description:
The Foundation offers up to two years of full funding (tuition, fees, and living expenses) typically for a master's degree (MPhil, MSc, MSt, etc.). If a student proposes two consecutive one-year programs, it is recommended that they be at the same university. Grantees may alternatively read for a second undergraduate degree (BA).

Funding details: The Foundation pays Scholars' UK institutions directly for tuition and fees. Scholars receive a living  stipend from the Foundation from which they will pay for room and board, general living expenses, and travel to and from the United Kingdom. The stipend amount is announced upon selection and is approximately equal to the Rhodes stipend. Although the Foundation has been traditionally affiliated with the colleges listed above, there is no guarantee that a Keasbey Scholar will be placed in one of them. However, the Foundation will assist the applicant in finding appropriate accommodations.The Keasbey Scholarship may not be deferred.

Eligibility:  This scholarship is open every three years to Amherst seniors who are also U.S. citizens with outstanding academic achievement and ambassadorial qualities. The Keasbey Foundation selects fellows from twelve top colleges and universities on the East Coast on a rotating basis. Each year four of the colleges may nominate two students each for this award. Amherst anticipates nominating students again in the fall of 2022. The Trustees of the Keasbey have also determined that the scholarship may not be held by anyone who is married or expects to be married before completing the fellowship. If a Scholar marries, the scholarship is forfeited. Grantees may not simultaneously hold another scholarship such as a Rhodes, Marshall, or Amherst College Fellowships.

How to Apply

Interested students should first request an appointment with the Director of Fellowships to determine eligibility. They will then receive essay feedback and guidance on the application, which must be submitted by the internal deadline (typically in mid-October). Recommendation letters and additional materials are also due at that time. Applicants will be interviewed by the faculty Committee on Student Fellowships, who will make the endorsement decision. Nominations: Amherst may nominate/endorse two applicants to the Keasbey Foundation. Following the campus selection, nominees will refine their materials and the Director of Fellowships will send them to the Foundation by the November deadline. All nominees are interviewed by the Keasbey Foundation in Philadelphia, typically in December. Please read these details about the Keasbey Application.

Nominees must also apply directly to the university(ies) they propose in their applications. It is most advantageous if they are prepared to discuss progress on the application and any contacts they have made at the university at the time of their interview with the Foundation.

For Recommenders

Content: Please comment on the applicant's general fitness for the course of study proposed and particularly their potential to excel in graduate work that requires independence. You might also discuss the student's ambassadorial qualities and overall character. Please see our suggestions for Writing Recommendation Letters for Fellowships.

Format and submission: Recommenders will receive an email invitation from the AC Student and Postgraduate Applications Portal providing a link and instructions for uploading the letter. Kindly write your letter on Amherst letterhead and sign it. Please provide as detailed a letter as possible, since your comments will figure prominently in the College endorsement decision.

Questions? Please contact:
Christine Overstreet, Director of Fellowships
212 Converse Hall, 413-542-2536, 
Eric Myers, Associate Director, Fellowships                               
Mailing address: Office of Fellowships, Amherst College, Amherst, MA 01002

Amherst's most recent Keasbey Scholars are Christopher Spade '11, John Ware '11. Herrick Fisher '05, and Gabriel Mattera '05, Melvin Rogers '99, and Mark Vanhoenacker '96. Lindy L'Abriola was named an alternate in 2017.