Keasbey Fellowship Application


Before you start your application read the Keasbey Fellowship Overview. See Application Advice for general tips on fellowship applications and advice about seeking recommendations. For examples of essays by winning candidates, please speak to the Director of Fellowships.

Keasbey Application Components

The application for this fellowship includes entering biographical data in an online application form located in the AC Student & Postgraduate Application Portal, and uploading the following documents: a Statement of Purpose, transcripts, and resume. The candidate must also enter the names and contact information for three faculty members who have agreed to write recommendation letters.


Some brief biographical information as well as an indication of your progress in applying to graduate program(mes) in the UK.


Resume: This document, which may be up to two pages long (no smaller than 10 pt), should highlight your academic qualifications including any awards or independent research, and should also list your work experience, extra-curricular activities, and any leadership experience. Consult the Loeb Center resume samples for formatting guidance. 

Statement of Purpose: in this essay, you will summarize your major academic interests and the course of study that you propose to undertake in the United Kingdom. The Keasbey Foundation recommends that applicants carefully research programs in the UK and seek the advice of faculty here and at the destination institution to ensure they are properly prepared for the proposed course of study. Describe how your proposed course of study will lead to achieving your career objectives. Format: Essays for the Keasbey are typically five pages long, 1.5 - 2.0 spacing, in Times Roman with one inch margins. Please type your full name at the top of the page and the title "Keasbey Scholarship Statement of Purpose."

Transcripts: scan (front and back) of an official AC transcript, and if you studied abroad or transferred from another institution, scans of those transcripts as well (preferably official, but unofficial will be accepted). If you are nominated by the College, you must provide the Office of Fellowships a paper version of all transcripts.

Grade Distribution Analysis: see Director of Fellowships for this document.

Keasbey Scholarship Nomination Form: Nominees are required to submit this form, which in addition to biographical and educational data, includes space for a brief synopsis of your proposed course of study and a description of your postgraduate career plans. You will only need to complete this form if you are nominated and a copy will be provided to you at that time.


Recommendations: Request letters from three faculty members who know your academic work well (especially in your most recent courses) and can speak to your preparation for the course of study which you are proposing. Contact them separately to ask whether they are willing to recommend you and to discuss your plans, then enter their names in the application portal. Send the request through the portal on or near August 1st. Please read the Advice for Candidates on our Recommendations page. Ask your recommenders to read the information on our Keasbey Overview page.

Questions? Contact:
Christine Overstreet, Director of Fellowships
212 Converse Hall, 413-542-2536,
Carter McClintock, Fellowships Specialist
213 Converse Hall, 413-542-5079,                                   
Office of Fellowships, 212 Converse Hall, Amherst College, Amherst, MA 01002