Schwarzman Scholars Deadline: September 20, 2022 at 11:59pm ET (US/GLOBAL); may 20, 2022 FOR APPLICANTS WITH CHINESE PASSPORTS

Before you start, read this Schwarzman overview. See Application Advice for general tips on fellowship applications, advice about seeking recommendations, and examples of essays by winning candidates.

Seniors and alumni applicants apply directly to the foundation by the national deadline, and need not submit materials to the Office of Fellowships. All Amherst College candidates are, however, encouraged to seek the support of the Director of Fellowships several months before the application deadline for feedback on essays, advice on seeking recommendations, and interview practice. Endorsements: The Schwarzman Scholars program no longer requires institutional endorsement.

Application materials: The Schwarzman application includes biographical information, two essays, a resume, and three recommendations. Components are described in detail on the Schwarzman Application page.

Application Components

The Schwarzman Scholars application is available through an online portal, but you can see a sample of it on their Application webpage (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Note that while you can save and return to the application in the online portal, you will have to enter and send recommendation requests before being able to upload materials. We therefore recommend you start the online applicaiton no earlier than 3-4 weeks before the internal deadline, although you should work on your essays well before then. Read their Instructions to Applicants before you start the application.

Information you enter:

The Schwarzman application asks you to enter biographical, travel, work, professional experience, and award information in their portall (in addition to uploading a resume). There is space for a "clarification comment" (to explain a leave of absence form school, etc.) and also a short answer paragraph (up to 100 words) asking you to "tell us something about yourself that we would not otherwise know based on the materials in this application."

Documents you upload:

Leadership Essay (up to 750 words): Describe at least one distinct example that best illustrates your leadership. This may draw from your professional, academic, or personal life when you demonstrated leadership qualities which highlight:
- the intellectual/analytical abilities to identify and understand challenges and opportunities, and envision solutions
- the initiative to act and communicate why
- interpersonal skills to inspire a team effort
- an ability to push through resistance and/or challenges to reach positive results/change for the better
Outline the situation in detail, along with your learning and growth, and how you envision this will impact your aspirations to be a future leader. Consider the following:
- What was the problem or issue you identified, and why did you choose to act? What was your plan of action?
- What obstacles or challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
- What were the outcomes and impact on the community or purpose?
- What did you learn and/or what lessons would you pass on to others?
- How has this experience shaped you as a leader and how does it connect with your vision for future leadership

Statement of Purpose (up to 500 words): Describe your professional interests and goals and how the program connects with your professional trajectory:
- What particular social, cultural, business, policy, or global issue is your focus of interest? What are the major factors driving change on this issue?
- Why are you dedicated to this issue, and what is your vision to lead positive impact in the future?
- How will the Schwarzman Scholars program and a deeper knowledge of China's role in the world advance your

Transcripts (official) from Amherst College as well as all study abroad or transfer institutions. Scan and upload them.

Résumé This document, which may be up to two pages long, should list your work experiences, activities, academic distinctions, volunteer involvement, and travel experience, highlighting activites that emphasize your leadership.

Video Introduction This 1-minute video is your opportunity to introduce yourself in a style or setting that best conveys your interest and personality. You can find many examples of Schwarzman videos on You Tube. Watch several to see what works well and what doesn't.

Documents you request from others:

Recommendations:  Enter the names and contact information of three recommenders. Currently Enrolled Undergraduates should have two letters from professors who can speak to your academic abilities and one letter specifically addressing your leadership abilities (this can be from an employer, supervisor, mentor, faculty member, advisor, or other).  Graduate Students and Young Professionals should have one letter from a professor, one letter specifically addressing your leadership abilities, and one from a person who will best represent your current profile: an employer or mentor, additional academic letters, or some combination of the above options. Please ask recommenders to read our Schwarzman Overview. Once you enter their information, recommenders will receive an email from the Schwarzman portal with a link inviting them to upload the letter. The deadline  for US/Global applicants is Sept. 21, 2021; for applicants with Chinese passports it is May 20, 2021. Please alert your recommenders that if you are named a finalist, we will request they share their letters with our office.

Christine Overstreet, Director of Fellowships
212 Converse Hall, 413-542-2536,  
Mail: Office of Fellowships, Amherst College, 213 Converse Hall, Amherst, MA 01002