Amherst-Doshisha Fellow
Elizabeth Sturley '20

Beinecke Scholar
Enoch Shin '21

Critical Language Scholar
Cy Nguyen '21

Fulbright U.S. Student Program Grant Offers
Camille Blum '20, English Teaching Assistanship, Russia
Gregory Carroll '20E, English Teaching Assistantship, Germany
Emilie Flamme '20, Research, Russia
Tara Guo '20, English Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan
Emily Kwon '20, English Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan
Hapshiba Kwon '20, English Teaching Assistantship, Indonesia
Ryan McMillan '20, Research, Germany (also a National Science Foundation GRF)
Elizabeth Parsons '20, English Teaching Assistantship, South Korea - declined for job offer
Marco Trevino '20, English Teaching Assistantship, Spain
Isabella Weiner '20, English Teaching Assistantship, Luxembourg
Bijan Zojaji '20, English Teaching Assistantship, Colombia

Goldwater Scholar
Jea Adams '21

Knight-Hennesy Scholar
Dakota Foster '18

Saint Andrews Scholar
Joey Lupo '20

Schwarzman Scholar
Pascual Cortes-Monroy '17

Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow
Carlos Adolfo Gonzalez Sierra '14

2 Critical Language alternates
4 Fulbright alternates
13 Fulbright semi-finalists
1 Gates finalist
1 Keasbey alternate
1 Marshall finalist
1 Rhodes finalist
1 Schwarzman finalist
2 Truman finalists


Amherst-Doshisha Fellow
Mika Obayashi '19

Churchill Scholarship
Jamie Tucker-Foltz '19

Fulbright U.S. Student Program Grant Offers
Marvin Bell '19E, Study, France (declined to accept job offer)
Ariella Goldberg '19, Research, Denmark
Andrew Kim '18, English Teaching Assistantship, Bulgaria
Ruth Manzanares '18, English Teaching Assistantship, South Korea
Katherine Pedersen '19, English Teaching Assistantship, Rwanda
Jason Seto '19, English Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia
Sarah Wagner '19, English Teaching Assistantship, Spain
Eric Zhou '19, English Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan

Goldwater Scholarship
Ryan McMillan '20

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship
Matthew DeButts '14

Rhodes Scholarship
Itai Muzhingi '18

Schwarzman Scholarship
Mohamed Ramy '18

Watson Fellowship
Patrick Frenett '19

1 Critical Language Scholarship alternate
4 Fulbright alternates
8 Fulbright semi-finalists
1 Knight-Hennessy finalist
1 St. Andrew's Society second alternate


Amherst-Doshisha Fellow
Antonella Dominguez '18

Fulbright U.S. Student Program Grant Offers
Maris "Kiko" Aebi '16, Study, Netherlands
Joshua Ferrer '18E, Research, New Zealand
Kiana Herold '17, English Teaching Assistantship, Germany - declined
Daniel Navas '17, English Teaching Assistantship, Germany - declined in order to attend graduate school in Germany
Monica Nimmaggadda '18, English Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia - declined
Maxum Paul '18, Research, France
Phuong-Nghi Pham '18, Research, Canada
Bailey Plaman '18, English Teaching Assistantship, Mexico - declined for position as chemistry research assistant
Nicole Roberts '18, Research, Canada
Sophia Salazar '18, English Teaching Assistantship, South Korea
Rowena Schenck '18, Research, New Zealand
Zachariah Stern '18, English Teaching Assistantship, Cyprus
Natalie Sun '18, Research, Taiwan
Jesus "Louie" Zuniga '14, English Teaching Assistantship, Spain - declined to join the Peace Corps

Goldwater Scholarship
Kai-Isaak Ellers '19, Honorable Mention

Marshall Scholarship
Dakota Foster '18

Schwarzman Scholarship
Dakota Foster '18 (Declined to accept Marshall Scholarship)

Watson Fellowship
Mohammed Ramy '18

1 Marshall Scholarship finalist
1 Rhodes US finalist
1 Rhodes Zimbabwe finalist
1 Carnegie Junior Fellowship finalist
1 Knight Hennessy finalist
21 Fulbright semi-finalists (2 alternates)
1 Watson alternate


Amherst-Doshisha Fellow
Levi Lee '17, Doshisha University, Kyoto

Fulbright Fellowship Offers
Erin Brousseau ’16, Teaching Assistantship, Russia
Clarque Brown ’17,Teaching Assistantship, South Korea
Samuel Chen ’17, Teaching Assistantship, Indonesia
Daria Chernysheva ’16, Research Grant, United Kingdom
Sophie Chung ’17, Teaching Assistantship, South Korea (declined)
Soham Gupta ’17, Research Grant, India
Emma Hartman ’17, Research Grant, India                      
Tomal Hossain ’17, Research Grant, India (declined, to accept Watson Fellowship)
JiaMei Huang ’17E, Teaching Assistantship, Mexico
Robert Kwark ’17, Teaching Assistantship, South Korea (declined)
Malinda Labriola ’17, Research Grant, Norway
Cara Lembo ’17, Research Grant, New Zealand
Catherine Lowdon ’17, Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia
Victoria Luizzi ’17, Research Grant, Sweden
Kathryn McHenry ’17, Research Grant, Tanzania
Athri Ranganathan ’16, Teaching Assistantship, Czech Republic

Gates Cambridge Scholarship
Katherine Robinson '08

Goldwater Scholar
Alexander Frenett '18

Saint Andrew's Scholar
Malinda Labriola'17 (declined, to accept Fulbright Grant)

Truman Scholar
Dakota Foster '18

Watson Fellows
Sheila Chukwulozie '17E
Tomal Hossain '17
JinJin Xu '17

1 Marshall Scholarship finalist
1 Schwarzman Scholar finalist, 1 Schwarzman alternate finalist
3 Fulbright Research/Study Grant finalists and 2 alternates
3 Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship finalists and 2 altermates
1 Gates Cambridge Scholarship finalist
1 Luce Scholarship finalist
1 Keasbey Scholarship alternate


Amherst Doshisha Fellow
Omar Pineda ’16 - Doshisha University, Kyoto

Beinecke Scholar
Yvonne Green '17

Fulbright Fellowship Offers
Johnathan Appel '16, Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan
Shanera Brodie '16, Teaching Assistantship, Thailand
Claire Castellano '16, Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia
Jesse Chou '15, Teaching Assistantship, Rwanda
Jennifer Cullen '16, Teaching Assistantship, Germany
Michael Harmon '16, Research Grant, Israel (declined, to attend University of Cambridge)
Eugene Lee '16, Teaching Assistantship, South Korea
Noah Lerner '16, Research Grant, China (declined, to accept Princeton-in-Asia Fellowship)
Omar Pineda '16, Teaching Assistantship, South Korea (declined, to accept Amherst-Doshisha Fellowship)
Cheyenne Pritchard '16, Teaching Assistantship, Brazil
Caroline Rose '16, Teaching Assistantship, Indonesia
Thomas Sommers '16, Research Grant, Norway
Olivia Truax '16, Research Grant, New Zealand

Schwarzman Scholars
Richard Altieri '15
Servet Bayimli '16
Carlos Gonzalez '14

Watson Fellows
Aleksandra Burshteyn ’16
Benjamin Walker ’16

2 Marshall Scholarship finalists
1 Rhodes Scholarship finalist
1 Luce finalist
6 Fulbright ETA finalists, 2 alternates
2 Fulbright Research Grant finalists


Amherst Doshisha Fellow
James Hildebrand ’15 - Doshisha University, Kyoto

Carnegie Junior Fellows
Jeffery Feldman ’15
Nik Nevin ’14

Fulbright Fellowship Offers
Elizabeth Briskin ’15, Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia
Emma Broches ’14, Research Grant, Jordan
Samanta English ’15, Teaching Assistantship, South Korea
Timothy Gaura ’15E, Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia
Matthew GoodSmith ’15, Research Grant, Netherlands
Yasmina Martin ’14, Research Grant, South Africa
Christine Miranda ’15, Research Grant, Panama
Amar Mukunda ’15, Research Grant, Switzerland
Sophia Padelford ’15, Teaching Assistantship, Bulgaria
Swathi Sivasubramanian ’15, Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia
Eric Steinbrook ’15, Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia
Savannah West ’15, Teaching Assistantship, South Africa

Gates Cambridge International Scholar
Carlos Gonzalez ’14

Watson Fellows
Richard Altieri ’15
David Beron Echavarria ’15

1 Marshall Scholarship finalist, named an alternate
1 Rhodes Scholarship finalist
2 Fulbright Research Grant finalists, one named an alternate
2 Fulbright ETA finalists, one named an alternate
1 Luce Scholarship finalist, withdrew
2 Truman Scholarship finalists


Amherst Doshisha Fellow
Catherine Morse '14 - Doshisha University, Kyoto

Carnegie Junior Fellow
Yun (Nancy) Tang '14

Churchill Scholar
Christopher Finch '14

Fulbright Fellowship Offers
Luca Antonucci ’14, Research Grant, Austria
Sarah Daly ’13, Teaching Assistantship, Argentina
Matthew DeButts ’14, Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan (declined, but accepted Princeton in Asia Fellowship)
James Fromson ’13, Research Grant, Jordan
Thea Goldring ’14, Research Grant, France
Cassandra Gross ’14, Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan
Manuel Guerrero ’14, Teaching Assistantship, Vietnam
Amber Khan ’14, Teaching Assistantship, Turkey
Shennon Lu ’14, Teaching Assistantship, Taiwan
Katrin Marquez ’14, Teaching Assistantship, South Korea
Joshua Mayer ’13, Research Grant, Nicaragua
Laura Poole ’14, Teaching Assistantship, India (declined)
Nicholas Schcolnik ’14, Teaching Assistantship, Argentina
Chelsea Tejada ’14, Teaching Assistantship, Brazil
Dylan Vasey ’14, Teaching Assistantship, Morocco
Sylvie Ramirez ’14, French Government Teaching Assistantship
Jennifer Shamash ’11, French Government Teaching Assistantship

Gates Cambridge
Terrence Cullen ’13

Donna Leet ’15
Xiaoling Yu ’15 (Honorable Mention)

Laura Huober ’11E (declined, but accepted the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans)

Pierre Joseph ’15

Gus Greenstein ’14
Meghna Sridhar ’14

2 Marshall Scholarship finalists
1 Rhodes Scholarship finalist
1 Carnegie Fellowship finalist
1 Truman Scholarship Finalist
3 Fulbright Research Grant finalists, two named alternates
3 Fulbright ETA finalists, one named an alternate


Amherst Doshisha Fellow
Diana Madden ’13 - Doshisha University, Kyoto

Fulbright Fellowship Offers
Ioanida Costache ’12, Romania
Bess Hanish ’13, Egypt (declined for Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship)
Jasmine Hardy ’13, Teaching Assistantship, Vietnam
Mark Hellmer ’13, Teaching Assistantship and Critical Language Enhancement Award, Russia         
Timothy Poterba ’13, Germany
Jenna Troop, ’13, Teaching Assistantship, Germany
Eirene Wang ’13, Teaching Assistantship, Russia
Aubrey Jones ’13 (awarded French Government English Teaching Assistantship)

Christopher Finch ’14
Christopher Gerry ’14
Charles Reighard ’14 (Honorable Mention)
Jacob Witten ’14 (Honorable Mention)

Keri Lambert ’13
Lindsay Stern ‘13

1 Marshall Scholarship finalist
1 Rhodes Scholarship finalist
7 Fulbright Research Grant finalists, 3 named alternate
4 Fulbright ETA finalists, 1 named an alternate


Amherst Doshisha Fellow
Harrison Muskat ’12 - Doshisha University, Kyoto

Beinecke Scholar
Keri Lambert '13

Fulbright Fellowship Offers
Bethany Brown ’12 - Bulgaria, ETA
Alexander Coburn ’11 - United Kingdom, Research Grant
Jamie Cohen ’11 - South Africa, Research Grant
Marlis Gnirke ’12 - Germany, Research Grant
Taylor Haney ’12 - India, Research Grant
Dana Kaufman ’12 - Estonia, Research Grant
Benjamin Lin '12 - Turkey, Research Grant
Alexa Russo ’12 - India, Research Grant
Sarah Schear ’12 - India, Research Grant
Susannah Rudel ’12 - French Government Teaching Assistantship, France

Goldwater Scholar
Alexander Pearlman ’13 (Honorable Mention)

George J. Mitchell Scholar
Bessie Young ’11

South Africa Rhodes Scholar
Sebabatso Manoeli ’11

Truman Scholars
Bess Hanish ’13
Khan Shoieb ’13

Watson Fellows
Lilia Kilburn ’12
Ellen Richmond ’12

1 Rhodes Scholarship finalist
3 Fulbright Research Grant finalists, 2 alternates
2 Fulbright ETA finalists
1 Gates Cambridge Scholarship finalist


Amherst Doshisha Fellow
Jorgen Walker Peterson ’11 - Doshisha University, Kyoto

Fulbright Fellowship Offers
Kristen Ayhe ’11 - Morocco, ETA
Emily Dick ’11 - Taiwan, ETA
David Emmerman ’11 - Portugal, Research Grant
Arielle Greenbaum ’11 - Germany, Research Grant
Andrew Halterman ’11 - Kosovo, Research Grant
Richard Felix Horns ’11 - Finland, Research Grant
Clare Howard ’10 - Sweden, Research Grant
John McGrail ’11 - Ukraine, ETA
Alexander Miller ’10 - Korea, ETA
Eliza Peabody ’11 - France, French Government Teaching Assistantship

Gates Cambridge Scholar
Tovah Ackerman ’09

Goldwater Scholars
Trevor Hyde ’12 (Honorable Mention)
Ariah Klages-Mundt ’12 (Honorable Mention)
Mable Lam ’12 (Honorable Mention)
Benjamin Lin ’12 (Honorable Mention)

Keasbey Scholar
Christopher Spaide ’11

Luce Scholar
Bessie Young ’11

Truman Scholar
Nathan Nash ’12


Amherst Doshisha Fellow
Romelle Whalen ’10 - Doshisha University, Kyoto

Fulbright Fellowship Offers
Michelle Barron ’10 – South Korea, ETA
William Evan Braun ’10 – Germany, ETA
Ezra Cohn ’10 – Indonesia, ETA
Christian Desrosiers  ’10 – Indonesia, ETA
Clare Howard ’10 – Sweden, Research Grant (declined for Gates)
Matthew Mendoza ’10 – Spain, ETA
Julia Powers ’06 – Brazil, Research Grant
Anirudh Rajashekar ’10 – Malaysia, ETA
Benjamin Schweizer ’10E – Taiwan, ETA
Jamila Trindle ’02 – Philippines, Research Grant (declined)
Eszter Vincze ’10 – Hungary, Research Grant
Margaret Whittenberger ’10 – India, ETA
Sam Schiavone ’10 - French Government Teaching Assistantship
Megan Worsley ’10 - French Government Teaching Assistantship

Gates Cambridge Scholar
Claire Howard ‘10

Goldwater Scholars
John Ware ‘11
Richard Felix Horns ’11 (Honorable Mention)
Ariah Klages-Mundt ’12 (Honorable Mention)

Watson Fellow
Elias Aba Milki ‘10


Amherst Doshisha Fellow
Miranda Hannasch ’09 - Doshisha University, Kyoto

Beinecke Scholar
Andrew Werner ’10

Fulbright Fellowship Offers
Martin Aguilera ’09 - Portugal, Research Grant
Sarah Bass ’06 - Trinidad and Tobago, Research Grant
Raj Borsellino ‘09E -  Indonesia, ETA (declined)
Jesse Corradi ’08 - Hong Kong, ETA
Suzanne Hulick ’09 - Germany, ETA
Kelly Rich ’08 - South Korea, ETA (declined)
Jennifer Suh ‘09E - South Korea, ETA

Goldwater Scholars
Emma Fink ’11
Leigh Harris ’10

Marshall Scholar
Conor Clarke ’08

Watson Fellow
Calista McRae ’09