Two programs provide summer research opportunities for Amherst College students:

  1. The 2021 SURF program involves an 8-week commitment and focuses on research in science, statistics, and mathematics fields.
  2. The Sponsored Research Program (SRP) runs for 6-8 weeks and supports students in all areas of academic research.

Both programs are open to non-US citizens/residents. 

SURF Program

A young woman sits before a microscope The 2021 SURF Program is an 8-week program, running from June 7 - July 30, 2021.

The SURF (Summer Science Undergraduate Research Fellows) Program provides opportunities for Amherst College students to immerse themselves in a hands-on, collaborative science research project for 8 weeks* during the summer. Research fellows work closely with their faculty mentors to design and execute their research project, and all Fellows take part in group educational and social activities. In early fall, Fellows present their findings at Amherst's annual poster session and are then encouraged to present their work at a regional or national conference. Fellows receive on-campus housing and a salary based on minimum wage, so pending hours reported, fellows are paid between $480 - 510 per week. (*In the event that the 2021 must go remote for health and safety due to the nature of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the program will be modified to 6 weeks. Candidates will be notified in time to decide whether or not they would like to continue in a remote version of the program.)

Learn more about the SURF program: The 2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

Summer 2021 SURF Opportunities

Are you a first- or second-year student considering a career in science or as a medical professional? A SURF  research experience may help you determine if this career path is right for you by providing you with valuable research skills, experience using state-of-the-art instrumentation and research techniques, and connections to a vibrant community of research scientists. Find out more about faculty research areas and Amherst's SURF program.

Summer fellows have contributed to recent breakthrough discoveries at Amherst: “[Prof.] Hall...said his team’s experimental work arose out of interest from Amherst summer student researchers at a group meeting in 2011...”

Some SURF Fellowships are discipline-specific and include unique components. Learn more about specific funded SURF opportunities and their requirements.