The SURF program is supported by several funders, including some that have specific fellowship eligibility requirements. A SURF selection committee will review each application to determine the best fit for one of these fellowships: Students interested in applying to any of the fellowship opportunities below should complete the common SURF application.


{SURF funded opportunities] Hitchcock/Mofson Research Fellows

For first- and second year-students interested in  the environmental sciences (participating departments include biology, geology, and chemistry). Faculty include Ethan Clotfelter, Michael Hood, Anna Martini, Jill Miller, and Ethan Temeles. Learn more about Hitchcock/Mofson research projects.


{SURF funded opportunities]

Sarles, Albree, and Amherst Dean of the Faculty Research Fellows

For first- and second-year students interested in lab or field research in biology, biochemistry/biophysics, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics, statistics, neuroscience, astronomy, or physics. Students working with any faculty member participating in the SURF program may be a Sarles, Albree, or DOF Fellow.  Learn more about these funders.