Resources for SURF Fellows

Below are some links to Amherst resources and contacts that may be helpful in completing a successful SURF Fellowship

A research internship toolkit, is available through the Amherst Women in Science (AWIS) student club website. It includes answers to questions students entering the internship might have, like what to do if you make a mistake, how to interact with the community, and how to perform a task you are shown once. The Toolkit also contains the list of students who agreed to share their internship experiences, as well as a short selection of alumni in various major cities. 

The Writing Center (101 Charles Pratt) can assist you with preparing a SURF Fellowship application, writing up your research findings, learning how to use Scrivener, Zotero, Evernote, and Wordpress, and learning disciplinary scholarly conventions. Contact Senior Writing Associate Jessice Kem

The Q Center (202 Merrill) offers tutoring for students who want to improve their conceptual understanding in math, science and economics and  problem-solving skills.Contact Q Fellow Owen Marshall or Math Fellow Zalia Rojas

Staff at the Science Library are available to answer questions and assist with science research questions. Contact Kristen Greenland

Workshops to assist with learning software programs and technology needed for research are organized by Andy Anderson, Amherst's Academic Technology Specialist.