Amherst Explorations - String Quartet 2.jpg Amherst Explorations: A Celebration of Student Research and Creative Work
Friendly Periodicals Reading Room, Frost Library
Friday, March 28, 2014


  Welcome President Biddy Martin
Chloe B. McKenzie ’14 The Threat of Penetration: Rape in the Military
Jaya B. Tripathi ’14 Past the Point of No Return: How Pregnant Teenagers in Holyoke Massachusetts Navigate the Medical Field
Devin Pence ’14 Redefining the Greatest Generation: Women Veterans of World War II and the G.I. Bill of Rights
Liya Rechtman ’14 Evangelical Criticism of Christian Zionism: An Ethnography and Analysis of the “Radical Religious Middle”
  Lane Fellowship Panel Lane Fellowships support students engaged in projects in the arts, using historical and rare source materials from the Amherst College Archives and Special Collections as inspiration or content.

Moderator: Sara Smith, Arts & Humanities Librarian.
Criss Guy ’14 B-Level: A Work of Historical Fiction
Jordan M. Hugh Sam ’14 The Performance of Race and Identity in Early American Popular Song
Emma M. Rothkopf ’15 Making Dresses as a Lane Fellow
Wangene R. Hall ’14 Naked in Heels: Confessions of an Aspiring Pop Star
  Mellon Tutorial Panel The Mellon Tutorials are experimental, small-group experiences based on faculty research.

These students investigated America's Death Penalty in the Alternative Press from 1971-1977.

Moderator: Sara Smith, Arts & Humanities Librarian.
Kyra Ellis-Moore ’15, Eli Harris ’15, Abraham Kanter ’15, Alex Southmayd ’15, Christina Won ’15, Abigail Xu ’15

Geology Panel

Moderator: David Jones, Assistant Professor of Geology
Benjamin D. Boatwright ’14 Exploring the Morphometry of Martian Valley Networks and Drainage Basins Using the MARSSIM Landform Evolution Model
Cecilia K. Pessoa ’14 Magnesium Isotope Systematics in Modern Dolomitic Sediments
Benjamin K. Otoo ’14 Investigating paleoenvironmental and diagenetic controls on intrabasinal variability of stable isotope records in ancient limest
  Digital Humanities Panel
The Digital Humanities are the application of computing technologies in the disciplines of the humanities, either to content creation or to interpretion of traditional content.

These students are investigating Scholarship, Technology, and Entrepreneurship: What Does It Mean to Bring New Technology to Our Scholarly Interests so They Are Interesting to Others?

Moderator: Marisa Parham, Associate Professor of English and Director of the Five College Digital Humanities Program.
Elizabeth Alexander ’14, Christian Aviles ’14, Helen Gaffigan ’14, Criss Guy ’14, Evelyn Kramer ’14, Jenny Li '16, Coralie Pardo '15, Sheila Chukwulozie '16, Kaleem Jones '15E, Louisa Holmberg '14
  Lightning Talks Yilin Andre Wang ’14 My Gut Tells Me He’s Lying: Cognitive Processing Style Affects Racial Bias in Lie Detection
Elizabeth M. Alexander ’14 Too Much for My Weak Frame
Carlos A. Gonzalez ’14 Empowered Diaspora or Clientelist Politics?: An Analysis of Dominican Transnational Political Attitudes and Involvement
Roshard J. Bryant ’14 Freire, Teaching, and Learning: Examining a Pedagogy for Democratic Education
Posters, Art,
& Interactive
Henry R. Laney ’17 and Thais Correia ’16 Gas Money
Christopher Gerry ’14 A Chemoenzymatic Formal Synthesis of Epoxyquinol A
Christine Bierema ’14 A Palladium-Catalyzed Approach to Sulfone Synthesis
Kristen A. Harris ’14 Bacterial Biochemistry
Jiajun Shi ’15 Building a Direct Digital Synthesizer System for Laser Modulation
Victoria S. Turner ’14 Complicating the Role of the Dorsolateral Periaqueductal Grey in Acquisition of Fear Learning
Owen Davis ’14 and Reilly A. Horan ’13 Probably
George N. Tepe ’14 The Role and Effectiveness of Federal Reserve Press Conferences
Madeline M. Marucha ’14 Dimensions of Possibility: Dickinson's Spatial Self
Daniella F. Bassi ’14 The Two Halves of Saxophone: A Performance Thesis
  Folger Fellowship Panel Folger Fellowships support students whose academic work can most profit from intensive research at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C.

Moderator: Mike Kelly, Head of Archives & Special Collections.
Ricky Altieri ’15 Todos los Quijotes de la Mancha: Translating Cervantes
David Dickinson ’16 The Comedies of Terence in Early Modern Europe
Amar Makunda ’15 Datamining Shakespeare
Sophia Padelford ’15 The Roman Orator in Elizabethan England
Madelin Parsley ’15 Behind the Arras: Depicting Eavesdroppers in “Hamlet”