Amherst Explorations: A Celebration of Student Research and Creative Work

Friendly Periodicals Reading Room, Frost Library

Friday, April 10, 2015
11 A
  Welcome President Biddy Martin  
  Breaking Boundaries:
A Creative Collaboration between the Hampshire County Jail
and Amherst College
Claire Drolen ’15,
Gabriel Gonzalez ’15
Anders Karl Lindgren ’15
A showcase of creative works produced by students in “Life Is a Dream”, a course at the Hampshire County Jail.
Gabriel Gonzalez ’15
Karen Smith ’15,
Chen Jiang ’15
A discussion about writing an honors thesis: the thrill of intellectual discovery…the secrets to success…the ways to overcome obstacles…and the cold, hard facts these writers wish they had known earlier!
Rachel E. Tannenbaum ’15 Children’s Understanding of True Negative Information
  Hope Wen ’15 Shame, Sex, and Suttas
  Marisa Dolmatch ’15 Je Suis Charlie, Je Suis Juif: An Analysis of the “Dark Years” and the Contemporary Resurgence of Anti-Semitism in France
  Coralie Pardo ’15 Creating a Virtual Reality Game: The Process
Folger Fellowships support students whose academic work can most profit from intensive research at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C.
  Jiwoon Choi ’16 Knowledge Production and Cross-Cultural Encounters
  Caryce Tirop ’17 My Journey at The Folger: Rare Materials, Research, and Tea
  Sophie Chung ’17 The Reactive Evolution of Form in English Printed News: 1620-1702
1 P
Nia James ’15
Lucas Lebovitz ’15
Katharine Rudzitis ’15
Christopher Tamasi ’15
Daniel Vitale ’15
Lane Fellowships support students engaged in projects in the arts, using historical and rare source materials from the Amherst College Archives and Special Collections as inspiration or content.
  Wind Chill
Krista Goebel ’18, flute
Eunnie Lee ’18, bassoon
Mindy Kim ’17, clarinet
Victoria Luizzi ’17, french horn
James Yang ’15, oboe
Partita for Wind Quintet (1948)
by Irving Fine (1914 – 1962)
I. Introduction and Theme
II. Variation
III. Interlude
IV. Gigue
V. Coda
2 P
  Show & Tell Meghan McDonough ’16
Khalil Flemming ’16
Sarah Jordan ’16
A video series that wants to understand the people on this campus. It aims to close the gap between seeing and knowing, between surface and depth. By asking students, one at a time, to talk about objects that are meaningful to them, we humanize the faces that we walk past every day.
  Creative Writing Theses Emmett Knowlton ’15
Marie Lambert ’15
Maddy Parsley ’15
Katharine Rudzitis ’15
How does writing a creative thesis differ from undertaking other honors projects? What does the process look like? Four seniors will discuss how they decided on a creative thesis, the roadblocks and rewards, and whether there's a perception of less intellectual rigor in creative writing than in other disciplines.
3 P
  Cars, Customers,
and Clicks:
The Amazing
Web Data Highway

Team dplyr:
David Chang ’16
Azka Javaid ’17
Tasheena Narraidoo ’18
Sarah Teichman ’18

Team Jo-Jo ToAlTrev:
Johannes Ferstad ’15
Jonathan Jordan ’15
Thomas Savage ’15
Trevor Smith ’16
Alexander Titelbaum ’16

Team 95% Confident:
Paul Gramieri ’17
Caleb Ki ’17
Levi Lee ’17
Thomas Matthew ’16
Albert Yu ’15

Team Women in Black:
Muling Si ’17
Yao Xiao ’15
Qi Xie ’17
Jingwen Zhang ’18

Introduction: Amy Wagaman

Car buyers use the World-Wide Web to gather information about the features and availability of various makes and models, and leave behind large, complex data sets of activity. Who are these buyers and what guides their choices?

In a recent hackathon, seventy-nine Five College students in eighteen teams analyzed this real-world data. Four teams came from Amherst College and won three of six awards, for “Best Business Value”, “Best Use of External Data”, and “Best Pitch”.

Representatives of each team will describe their fascinating results.

Uju Momah ’15 Examining the American Healthcare System
  Hannah Gorman ’15 Vaccine Conceptualizations and Their Influence on Immunization Practices in the United States
  Samuel Tang ’15 Points of Contact

Buckley Boys
String Quartet

Matthew Chow ’18, Violin
Elliot Kuan ’18, Violin
Brian Min ’18, Viola
Daniel Ang ’15, Cello

String Quartet No. 2 (1881)
by Alexander Borodin (1833 – 1887)
III. Notturno. Andante

  Posters Thomas Enzminger ’15 A New High-Resolution Speleothem Record of Late Pleistocene Tropical Climate Change from the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
  Uju Momah ’15 Examining the American Healthcare System
  Rachel Tannenbaum ’15 Children's Understanding of True Negative Information
  Eileen Troconis Gonzalez ’15 Studying Intensity Encoding in the Zebrafish Startle Response via Optical Stimulation of Hair Cells
  Melody Owen ’17
and Wanjing Tang ’17
The Circadian Clock: A Simple Model with Complex Applications  
  John Kim ’15
Kelvin Chen ’16
Sean Rodriguez ’15
The Monteverde Logging Experience: Life Beneath Fallen Logs in the Tropics  
  Jenny Xu ’16 Exploring Protein Folding and Unfolding with Graph Theory  
  Elizabeth Black ’16
Margaret Bogardus ’15
Madeleine Lobrano ’15
Differential Flower Pollination in the Premontane Forests of Monteverde, Costa Rica  
  Molly Levy ’15
Lorraine Evo ’15
Joely DeSimone ’15
Can’t Eat This: Observed Herbivory Rates in Relation to Plant Defense Mechanisms