Amherst Explorations: A Celebration of
Student Research and Creative Work

Friendly Periodicals Reading Room, Frost Library

Friday, April 1, 2016

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Prelude Performance Rob Croll ’16 Solo Jazz Guitar
11 AM Introduction Alex Vasquez, Dean of Students
Katerina von Campe ’17 and Mindy Kim ’17 Bonding with Books: Positive Effects of the Eric Carle Museum’s Outreach Program on Narrative Production and Literacy
Gabriela Espinosa ’16 The Guru Gives Hugs, Divine Knowledge, and Hershey’s Kisses: Devotional Aesthetics, Material Religion, and the Creation of a Transnational Bhakti Bazaar in Mata Amritanandamayi's Movement
Azka Javaid ’17 Building the Capacity to Assess Design and Interpretation in a Study of Studies
Mindy Kim ’17 Understanding the Role of Endothelial IP3R1 in Regulating Blood Pressure
Aditi Krishnamurthy ’18 and Samuel Hendel ’15 Electrochemical and Spectroelectrochemical Characterization of a BODIPY Dyad Series
Tiffany Lee ’16 Inhibition in the Zebrafish Startle Response
Samantha Newby ’16 “Use Your Head”: Can Concussion Interventions Presenting Short-Term or Long-Term Consequences Improve Concussion Reporting in Student Athletes
Athri Ranganathan ’16 The Place of Experimental Schools in Educational Discourse Today
Noon Introduction Catherine Epstein, Dean of the Faculty
Sam Hart ’16 On Mass Incarceration in Australia and the United States
Caroline Rose ’16 One City, Two Buildings, Three Schools:How Race and Politics Impact Educational Opportunity in Richmond, Virginia, 1954-Present
Sylvia Hickman ’16 More Than Sustenance: Health, Morality, Authority, and the History of College Dining at Amherst, Smith and Mount Holyoke, 1821-1941
Annika Nygren ’16 Where Is the Love?
A Hitch in Time — Digital Scholarship interns spent last summer engaged in a critical reexamination of the life and legacy of one of Amherst College’s best-remembered presidents: geologist and minister Edward Hitchcock.
Moderator: Sarah Walden, Digital Projects Librarian
Darya Bor ’18 Eight Sides
Seanna McCall ’17 The Cross in Nature
Daniel Rivera ’17E A Day in the Life
Lightning Talk & Model Russell Einbinder ’16 Redesign for the Whitney Breuer
1 PM Introduction The Amherst Explorations Committee
Performance Elena Marione ’16 Weaving Twine: After Troy
Adaugo Ugocha ’16 Spacing Culture: Unveiling Hidden Structures of Violence towards Displaced Indigenous Peoples
Kyle Obana ’18E Racial Disparities in the Prevalence of Arthritis among Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, Whites, and Asians
Sung Joo Choi ’16 Korea and Its Leap into a Global Society
Omar Pineda ’16 Dominicano Donde Sea: 60 Years of Globalization, Migration, and Integration in the Nikkei Dominican Community
Performance Ashley Montgomery ’16 What Does A Superhero Sound Like?: On New Media and Heroines
2 PM Introduction Bryn Geffert, Librarian of the College
Irisdelia Garcia ’18
Emma Hartman ’17
Kevin Mei ’16
Jacob Pagano ’18
Crystal Park ’17
Folger Fellowships support students whose academic work can most profit from intensive research at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C.
Moderator: Michael KellyHead of Archives & Special Collections
Elena Marione ’16
Rob Croll ’16
Lane Fellowships support students engaged in projects in the arts, using historical and rare source materials from the Amherst College Archives and Special Collections as inspiration or content.
Moderator: Michael Kelly, Head of Archives & Special Collections
Performance Mark Boyer ’16
Hannah Tandon ’16
Victoria Luizzi ’17
Patrick Williams ’18
DIY Alphorns
3 PM Introduction Jyl Gentzler, Professor of Philosophy and Co-Director of the Writing Center
Performance Heru Craig ’17 Human Revolution: Acknowle--ERASING the Dichotomy Between Self and Other
Kiana Cardwell ’16 Moralizing Titian: The Annunciation of Danaë
Manuel Morales, Jr. ’16 The Dark Side of Empathy: Whites’ Status-Legitimizing Beliefs and Intergroup Support
Rachael Abernethy ’16 We Are Here, but Where Does the “I” Belong?
Louise Atadja ’16
Ashley Bohan ’16
Gaby Mayer ’16
Kathryn Ariyibi ’18E
Olivia Truax ’16
Sanyu Takirambudde ’18
Ruth Manzanares ’18
Chelsea Nkansah‑Siriboe ’18
Emma Ryan ’17
Being Human in STEM is a collaboratively designed, project-oriented course that looks specifically at the theme of diversity within STEM fields — at Amherst College and beyond.
Moderator: Sheila Jaswal, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Performance Andrew Lindsay ’16 Alone: The Phenomenology of Grief