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The Writing Center

Dear Students of Amherst College,

The last few days have been eye-opening for the staff at the Writing Center. We have been moved by your stories of feeling insufficiently welcomed and supported at Amherst, and we support your efforts to challenge all of us to work toward becoming a more just and inclusive community.

The Writing Center at Amherst College has as its primary mission the academic support of all students. We thank you for your courage in sharing the stories that help us to understand how we must do better. Though we have worked hard to increase the numbers of appointment hours that we offer, we now appreciate that we must redouble our efforts to make the Writing Center a nurturing, responsive, and challenging environment in which all students can comfortably thrive and grow.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Andrews
Michèle Barale
Kristen Brookes
Jyl Gentzler
Michael Keezing
Jessica Kem
Emily Merriman
Lydia Peterson
Cassie Sanchez
Lauren Silber
Kate Walker
Magdalena Zapedowska

Academic Year Hours 

Sunday: 1pm-6pm
Monday - Thursday: 8am-8pm
Friday: 8am-5pm

Abbrieviated hours over Thanksgiving break

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Amherst College is a community of writers. Though conversations about our writing happen spontaneously all over campus, the Writing Center at Amherst College is designed to facilitate such conversations.  Whether you are a student working on a paper for a class, a novelist giving a public reading of your most recent work, or a professor seeking to design an effective writing assignment, we are eager to talk to you.

For Students

We offer a wide variety of services for students:

  • Individual Appointments: One-on-one conversations about a specific writing project, including class assignments, honors theses, creative writing, and job/school applications; sustained instruction on different aspects of the writing process; ESL instruction; and writing counseling to address mental obstacles to effective writing.
  • Writing Workshops: Group discussions of different aspects of the writing process
  • Thesis Support: Guidance, support, and feedback throughout the research and writing process

For Faculty

And we also offer services for faculty

Contact us

We're located at 101 Charles Pratt Hall.

Phone: (413) 542-2139
Email: writing@amherst.edu
Campus Mail: AC Box #2262