Amherst College is a community of writers. Though conversations about our writing happen spontaneously all over campus, the Writing Center at Amherst College is designed to facilitate such conversations. Whether you are a student working on a paper for a class, a novelist giving a public reading of your most recent work, or a professor seeking to design an effective writing assignment, we are eager to talk to you.

For Students

We offer a wide variety of services for students:

  • Individual Appointments: One-on-one conversations about a specific writing project, including class assignments, honors theses, creative writing, and job/school applications; sustained instruction on different aspects of the writing process; ESL instruction; and writing counseling to address mental obstacles to effective writing.
  • Writing Workshops: Group discussions of different aspects of the writing process
  • Thesis Support: Guidance, support, and feedback throughout the research and writing process

For Faculty

And we also offer services for faculty

Meet Us

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