Schedule a Consultation

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The Writing Center’s WCOnline platform allows you to book consultations with our staff for face-to-face and online (Zoom) consultations. For writing and reading, choose a time slot on the Writing Associates 2022-23 calendar (the default option) and choose online or face-to-face. For a public speaking consultation, use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select that calendar.

Schedule a Consultation

Writing and Reading Consultations: face-to-face and online

To discuss your writing or reading with an associate, select the main calendar, Writing Associates. Schedule a 45-minute consultation at any stage in your writing process: to brainstorm, organize, revise, or reflect on your writing. You may book an appointment up to 21 days in advance. 

If you select the face-to-face option (the default), you will find us in the Writing Center in Charles Pratt Hall. If you choose the online option,  just log into WCOnline at the appointment time, select your appointment, and click on "Join Online Consultation" to launch the Zoom meeting.

If you have materials to share, such as a writing prompt, notes, or a work-in-progress, you may print them, or share via  Google Docs, upload files in the WCOnline appointment form. To discuss a draft longer than eight pages, please schedule two appointments and share your draft with the writing associate before the first appointment. The two appointments do not need to be successive and you do not need to attend the first appointment.

Public Speaking Consultations

Meet with the associate in public speaking, Susan Daniels, to plan, revise, and rehearse a presentation, or to learn strategies for relaxing and gaining confidence in front of a live audience. To schedule a consultation, choose the Public Speaking calendar in the WCOnline schedule. Alternatively, you may email Susan directly to arrange a time not offered on the calendar.

If you have any questions about the Writing Center or the WCOnline platform, please contact director Jessica Kem.