Writing Center Appointment Types

All Writing Center appointments must be scheduled online.

What are you working on?

When you sign up for a time slot, you will need to choose a tutor service and a reason for the appointment. Some appointment types are limited to particular staff; you'll see the symbols representing staff specialties on the Scheduler. 

Writing Mentoring

If you want feedback on a particular writing project, please select this tutor service. Appointment reasons may include assistance on coursework for an Amherst College or a Five-College course, or a thesis chapter. Read more about our approach to Writing Mentoring here.

Please bring two printed copies of your most recent draft and a copy of the assignment.

If you are bringing a thesis chapter or other lengthy work (more than 8 pages), please schedule two appointments with the same mentor, and send your draft as an email attachment to your mentor in advance of the first appointment.  During the first hour (which you need not attend), your mentor will read and reflect;  during the second hour, the two of you can discuss your writing.

Writing Instruction

Rather than focusing on a specific paper or project (as in Writing Mentoring), Writing Instruction centers on engaging the art and craft of writing directly, based on your personal needs and goals as a writer. Our process-based approach provides concerted support for the development of your writing abilities, whether you seek to address specific writing challenges, or to expand the range and breadth of a strong writing practice.

For this appointment type, choose "Writing Instruction" as the service, and "general writing advice" as the reason for the appointment.

Please bring in papers for which you have already received a grade, and we can figure out a reasonable plan of action designed to meet your specific needs, interests, and schedule.  Perhaps you would most benefit from a single one-on-one meeting to discuss how to write an effective introduction or how to use and cite secondary sources on a research paper due at the end of the semester.  Alternatively, you may benefit from weekly instruction over the course of the semester. 

Application Counseling

Writing Associates are happy to discuss written applications for graduate or professional school, internships, or jobs. Our approach, as with any other writing project, is to offer the honest and informed response of a good reader. We ask students to limit their appointments to 2-3 per application.

Select "Application Counseling" for both tutor service and reason for appointment. 

ESL Instruction

The Writing Center offers both writing-specific and general English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) tutoring. In ESL Writing Instruction, we focus on the stages of the writing process. During a session on revision, for instance, we might work on English-language paragraph structure; in an editing session, we might have a lesson on characteristic grammar or usage problems. In general ESL tutoring, we offer support in all ESL skill areas to help students improve their communication for academic purposes.

esl_icon If you are a non-native speaker of English who would like help with English grammar, usage, or pronunciation, please make an appointment with Michael Keezing or Magdalena Zapedowska for ESL Instruction (select it in both service and reason drop-boxes).

It may be helpful to bring 1-2 recent, previously graded papers to this type of visit.

Writing Counseling

The Writing Center offers individualized Writing Counseling sessions that address the interrelated problems of procrastination, writing anxiety, frustration, and writer’s block. These sessions introduce a variety of processes that make writing more productive and less painful. We can also help you structure your time, avoid procrastination, and improve your attitude about writing.

counseling_icon If you'd like help overcoming unproductive writing habits, procrastination, or mental obstacles to effective writing,  please make an appointment with Kristen Brookes for Writing Counseling (select it in both service and reason drop-boxes).  For more information about this service, please email Kristen Brookes (Writing Associate).

Creative Writing

As a less formal alternative to traditional, workshop-based creative writing study, the Writing Center provides both mentoring and instruction for writers of fiction, drama, poetry, and creative non-fiction prose. As mentors, we offer you the opportunity to share your work one-on-one with a discerning, honest, objective reader in a supportive and non-threatening context. As instructors, we take a tutorial approach aimed at building the particular skills, abilities, and knowledge base that will best serve your individual needs as a writer.  Whether you are in the early stages of a project (gathering ideas and material, or considering your approach) or are in the midst of revising or editing, we offer sharp eyes to help you to assess your work and strong guidance to help you cultivate key skills and concepts that are necessary to bring your writing goals within reach.

creative_icon If you'd like feedback on a creative writing project, please make an appointment with Michael Keezing, Roy Andrews, or Emily Merriman and select "Creative Writing" as both service and reason for the appointment.