Arrange a meeting to discuss your writing or public speaking projects, at any stage in your process, with any member of the Writing Center staff. Writing consultations are booked as 45 minute appointments, starting on the hour, and must be booked in WCOnline (see below). To schedule a public speaking consultation, please email Susan Daniels to arrange a time. Amherst College students, staff, and faculty, as well as Five-College students producing work for an Amherst College class, may use the Writing Center.

Come prepared to your writing center appointment:

  • Be sure to bring
    • A copy of the assignment or writing prompt (for a class assignment)
    • Two printed copies of your draft (if you have a draft; you may also bring notes, an outline, or even just some ideas in your head)
  • Leave yourself plenty of time after your meeting to make revisions.


  • sign up only for a time you are confident you can make.
  • observe our limit of 2-3 appointments per semester for application counseling (e.g. for fellowship, school, and job applications).
  • for general writing instruction: bring in two recent, graded papers.
  • for a draft longer than 8 pages: schedule two appointments and send your draft by email to the writing associate before the first appointment.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please give us at least 24 hours of notice, in order to allow others access to your appointment hour. If you repeatedly miss appointments or cancel them at the last minute, your use of the Center may be restricted.

Make an Appointment in WCOnline

We have adopted a new scheduling program, WCOnline, and all new users will need to register using a college email address.  Once you have completed the registration process, your WCOnline account will be linked to your Amherst College login and password.

To schedule an appointment with Susan Daniels, public speaking associate, email her at

If you have any questions about WCOnline, please contact Jessica Kem at

How are we doing? If you could not book an appointment at the Writing Center in time to meet your needs, please tell us about it.