Introducing: Writing Center Shorts!

Starting Monday, September 23, 2019

hand holding watch; text: Short on time? Writing Center Shorts! Writing Center Shorts are short-notice, short-session writing appointments. Available for scheduling a day in advance and limited to twenty minutes, these sessions offer the flexibility that many writers need.

To book a Short in our online scheduler, choose Shorts! from the drop-down menu at the center-top of the page. 

Right now, we are offering Shorts in Frost Library on Monday-Thursday, 4-5pm in the Collaboration Lab. When you enter the library, go towards the back, turn right, pass by the offices, and you'll find the Lab on the left behind a glass door just before you get to the copiers.

Writing Center Shorts will be most useful if you arrive with a clear sense of purpose, a specific goal for the session, and printed copies of any materials you wish to review.

In a 20-minute session, we should have time for:

  • Focused brainstorming
  • Quick strategy session on getting started, organization, or thesis statements
  • A brief follow-up on revisions after a previous, full-length session
  • A close review of 1-2 pages of writing
  • Or a short, focused conversation that is useful to you, wherever you are in your writing process.

As in our full-length sessions, the associate will provide guidance in conversation with you. Expect the session to be active and participatory. If you find you need a longer session, you may book a 45-minute appointment on our regular schedule up to three weeks in advance.

Questions? Contact the Writing Center at or 413.542.2139.