Airlie Rose, Writing Associate

A photo of Airlie Rose I think that people learn best when they steer the ship of their own learning. This is especially true when a person wants to become a better writer. I've taken an interdisciplinary path through the academy, and when we meet, I can draw-on more than 15 years of writing center experience plus expertise in science and composition to help you get your writing where you want it to go.

I enjoy working with all kinds of students on every kind of writing, but you might find me especially interesting or helpful to work with…

  • if you are a student in the sciences. I have taught lecture and lab courses in Biology. My current research touches on the fields of: Psycholinguistics, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Poetics.
  • if you are a student interested in developing your personal style or working on sentence level features of writing. Helping a writer fiddle with wording and punctuation until a sentence conveys exactly the intended sense is my idea of a good time. I also enjoy talking about questions related to voice like the use of “I” in academic writing.
  • if you have a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disability. I am familiar with the world of access and accommodation, and my research has made me curious about the way that conditions like dyslexia and ASD manifest in individual experiences of reading and writing.