Writers need readers. We might want readers to offer us praise, or even to tell us what’s wrong with our writing. We want someone to say “Wow, that’s perfect! You’re done!” or “Here’s exactly what you have to do to fix your writing.”

Writers need something a little different; we need readers to tell us what we wrote, to show us the one angle we can’t see for ourselves—the view from outside our own head.

As a Writing Associate, I offer myself as a skilled reader of your critical and creative writing. I will help you see what you’ve done, so you can make choices about how you want to proceed. If you’re having a hard time getting started, I can help you cultivate a readiness for inspiration. If you’re mucking around in a draft, I can help you figure out where to revise.  If you hate the very idea of revision, I will nod sympathetically and then attempt to convert you to my philosophy offer you techniques you may find useful.

I studied English literature at the University of Iowa (BA) and at Temple University (MA), where I concentrated in Creative Writing. I recently earned my MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Program for Poets & Writers, where I focused on fiction but also studied poetry. As you might imagine, I am a veteran of many creative writing workshops.

I’ve also taught writing at Temple, UMass-Amherst, Barnard’s Pre-College Program, and the Great Books Summer Program (here at Amherst). Outside of the academy, I’ve worked in scholarly publishing and web development, as a copywriter, as an information architect, and as a freelance writer. I am currently a Fiction Editor at Fence. I have been awarded fellowships from Radar Labs and the Lambda Literary Foundation. My own writing has appeared in publications such as the Brooklyn Rail, MiPOeasis, Lambda Literary, OccuPoetry, and Encyclopedia, Vol. 2 (F-K).