Emily Merriman, Writing Associate and Advisor for Multilingual Students

A photo of Emily Merriman Writing well is a life-altering skill. Developing artful control over written words enables us to exert power in the world, both personally and politically.

Here at Amherst College I meet with individual students, work with faculty in the classroom, and support the vibrant multilingual community here on campus. In collaboration with student editors I help to guide the online multilingual magazine, Confluences: Lost & Found in Translation

I have been teaching writing in various ways for thirty years. My experience includes teaching academic writing, creative writing, and writing for multilingual students. I have also worked as a writer in the business world, including for non-profit organizations. For several years I taught in the English Department at San Francisco State University, and I remain active in research, writing, and editing.

Having lived in several countries, with my graduate studies completed in the United States, I am familiar with different ways of thinking about writing and its various cultural conventions. My educational qualifications include a BA Hons from Balliol College, Oxford University (English and Modern Languages--French); a teaching certificate from London University, and an MA in Creative Writing (Poetry) and a Ph.D. in Religion and Literature from Boston University.

My own writing skills are the result of years of instruction from dozens of teachers, combined with many hours of practice, experimentation, and revision. I love working with students as they give compelling written shape to their individual realizations. It is a joy to help someone learn how to voice their ideas with increasing force and clarity. Whatever you are working on, and wherever you are in your writing process, I look forward to supporting the growth of your linguistic imagination.

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