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Jessica Gorman

Jessica Gorman. Staff Photo by Rob Mattson/Amherst College, Office of Public Affairs, posted to Amherst College Flickr set

In my appointments with students, my approach varies by the student and the task at hand. I usually begin by asking about your goals for our session and where you are in the writing process. I am happy to discuss ideas, to ask questions, and to play devil’s advocate if you’d like to test out an argument. I might ask you to fast-write during the session, or have you reverse-outline a draft. We can discuss thesis development, rhetorical moves, or tips for writing clearly and concisely. I aim to be honest but supportive of all of the students I work with.

I’m interested in how technologies influence composition, and so I’m happy to discuss writing with unfamiliar tools (e.g., Scrivener, Zotero, Evernote, Wordpress) and composing in multimodal/visual forms. I can draw on my previous experience as a librarian to help you integrate the research and writing processes: planning research/writing projects, reading and taking notes effectively, introducing other voices into your writing while maintaining your sense of authorship, observing disciplinary scholarly conventions. I teach workshops on designing research posters, with an emphasis on visual rhetoric. I serve on the committee that organizes Amherst Explorations, and I coordinate the Thesis Writing Retreats and Thesis Confidential panel discussions.

I have worked in the Writing Center at Amherst College since 2008. I have masters' degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill in both Library Science and English (Go Tar Heels!).

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