Michael Keezing, Senior Writing Associate

Michael Keezing

In the broadest sense, all writers share the same goal: to write successfully. The challenges individual writers face in achieving this goal, however, vary greatly. For some, the biggest challenge is to define a topic and find the right ideas to write about. For others, the problem is to organize ideas into effective arguments. Some grapple with writer’s block. Others get tripped up by issues of grammar, usage, and mechanics, by issues of diction and tone, by misunderstanding their audience, or by problems in the final presentation of their work.

As a Writing Associate, my goal is to help writers overcome these challenges and succeed in their writing. I take a process-oriented approach, using the different stages of the writing process—idea formation, organizing, drafting, revising, editing, and presenting—to help writers understand and engage their particular challenges, as well as to frame the knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to address them. I strive to do this warmly, supportively, and non-judgmentally, with the shared objective of moving a writer toward his or her own writing goals

My approach is rooted in my experience as a teacher, editor, and writer. I have taught fiction writing, composition, and/or literature at Brown University, Keio and Meiji Universities, and University of Hartford, and have worked as a full-time ESL teacher, wilderness educator, and Peace Corps volunteer. Academic manuscripts that I have edited have been published by Duke University Press, American Quarterly, Psychological Record, Journal of Travel Research, Studies in the Novel, Women and Performance, and others. My own short stories, essays, and criticism have appeared in Review of Contemporary Fiction, American Book Review, and Grain, and I have received a Transatlantic Review Award for my fiction. I hold a BA in English from Yale University, and an MFA in creative writing from Brown University. I am delighted to bring my experience to the work of supporting the writing community at Amherst College.

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