Amherst College enjoys a long legacy of teaching rhetoric and public speaking to its students, and our notable alumni practice powerful speaking in their lives, whether they work as politicians or professors, as preachers or presidents of colleges and corporations. Whether you dread the idea of speaking in front of others or you love standing in the spotlight, we provide the Amherst College community with a broad range of support for speakers of all comfort levels.

Meet Susan Daniels, associate in public speaking

Consultation and Instruction

Individual consultation and coaching for speakers

  • For faculty and staff: Susan coaches speakers for individual presentations. She can support you in many ways, for instance: making a classroom lecture more dynamic, presenting at a professional conference, preparing for a TED talk. 

  • For students: Meet with Susan Daniels to plan, revise, and rehearse a presentation, or to learn strategies for relaxing and gaining confidence in front of a live audience. Speech coaching is available for individuals or groups presenting together.  

Workshops and Consultations for Public Speaking in the Classroom

Faculty may request customized speaking support for their courses. Susan Daniels offers consultations on presentation assignment design and evaluation, and she can lead in-class workshops to prepare your students to engage audiences with focus and confidence. In consultation with you, she designs instruction to meet your specific pedagogical goals on a variety of topics.