How I Used the Writing Center: Obed Narcisse ’21

A photo of Obed Narcisse
Before coming to Amherst, I put so much pressure on myself to find the ‘perfect’ word or phrase to appear ‘smart’ on paper.

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A key to writing is being able to take complex ideas and communicate them clearly, concisely and in your own voice. The Writing Center is a great resource for students looking to engage in this process.

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At the onset of my Amherst career, this strategy made writing a difficult task for me because, at that point, I had not yet discovered my own voice. At the Writing Center, I have learned that it is more important to cultivate my own voice through reflection, practice, and revision than to develop a repertoire of fancy words to employ in my writing. As a result, I have embraced that writing is a process where one of the primary goals is to translate my thoughts into language that is clear, effective, and succinct. The Writing Center was instrumental to my success as a student at Amherst.”

Listed below are some things that I did to maximize the resources and opportunities that the Writing Center provides.

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