The Writing Center offers workshops on topics related to writing, public speaking, reading, and other essential academic skills and practices. Space is limited, so pre-registration is required. To register, click on the workshop below and look for the "Please register here" link under Additional Information to find the form.  Note to Five-College students: when space is available, our workshops are open to students from the Five Colleges. 

Unless otherwise noted, all Writing Center workshops are held in the Writing Center seminar room, 101A Charles Pratt Hall.

Today - Tue, Sep 27, 2016

Academic Essentials

It's Time to Manage your Time

This workshop offers strategies for gaining control over how you use your time, for managing long-term projects while still getting your daily work done, and for avoiding procrastination and perfectionism. Some of our time together will be devoted to planning your individual weekly schedule and routines, as well as mapping out of your semester as a whole. Please bring any planner you use (online or paper), along with the syllabi for your courses. Led by Kristen Brookes, senior writing associate, and Charri Boykin-East, senior associate dean of students. Pre-registration is required.

Students Only
Adaugo Ugocha speaks at Amherst Explorations, April 2016

Starring: you! How to show up authentically for successful presentations

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Converse Hall, Porter Lounge (3rd floor)

This workshop will help you identify and use your strengths to present confidently and authentically every time you speak. Pre-registration is required.

Part of the Speaking with Confidence Workshop Series. These six, highly interactive (i.e. fun!) public speaking workshops will teach you how to become calm, confident and compelling presenters. Take an individual workshop as an introduction to basic skills or attend the entire series to build on those skills and see impressive results. The series culminates in a celebratory evening of inspirational speeches on November 1. Taught by Susan Daniels, associate in public speaking.

Students Only

Sharing your Study Abroad Experience: In Writing

This second workshop in the series on sharing your Study Abroad experience focuses on writing about what you encountered. Come and write about such topics as characterizing significant people you met, describing a striking landscape, developing the narrative of a surprising incident, and explaining the challenges of re-entry to U.S. culture. You will leave the workshop with material that you could use in a blogpost or a cover letter. Perhaps most importantly, by writing them down, you will crystallize into memory some of your formative experiences.
Facilitated by Emily Merriman, writing associate; co-sponsored by the Study Abroad Office and the Writing Center. Half of a two-part series; see also the "In Conversation" workshop on September 22.

Tomorrow - Wed, Sep 28, 2016

Academic Essentials

Analyzing Writing Prompts

What kind of thinking and writing is your professor asking for or not asking for? It’s easy to get into the habit of writing a paper like the last one you wrote rather than writing one that addresses the particularities of a new prompt. In this workshop, participants will analyze writing assignments, both from their classes and others, to lead to a broader conversation about different kinds of writing assignments and types of writing requested at Amherst. Taught by Roy Andrews, writing associate. Pre-registration is required.

Students Only

Thu, Sep 29, 2016