The Writing Center offers workshops on topics related to writing, public speaking, reading, and other essential academic skills and practices. Space is limited, so pre-registration is required (unless stated otherwise). To register, click on the workshop below and look for the "Please register here" link under Additional Information to find the form.  Note to Five-College students: when space is available, our workshops are open to students from the Five Colleges. 

Unless otherwise noted, all Writing Center workshops are held in the Writing Center seminar room, 101A Charles Pratt Hall.

Today - Tue, Feb 21, 2017

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Argument Development

It has been said that all academic writing is argument, and that to develop a good argument, writers must “find some genuine question or perplexity” worth pursuing (Peter Elbow, 1988). In this workshop, we will discuss how to move from prompt to argument, use readings and other sources appropriately and with confidence, and work toward making the best case for your original idea or “hard-won insight” so valued by professors. Please bring a prompt that you are working on or have worked on in the past. Taught by Cassie Sanchez, senior writing associate. Space is limited, so please reserve your spot today!

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Tomorrow - Wed, Feb 22, 2017


Manage your Reading Load

Are your reading assignments weighing you down? Learn tips to lighten your load! Managing a heavy reading load can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to approach a text that can make it easier for you. You'll learn strategies that will help you become a more effective and efficient reader. We’ll practice several of them together so you’ll leave the workshop ready to read. Taught by Lydia Peterson, writing associate. Space is limited, so please reserve your seat today!

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Thu, Feb 23, 2017

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Dynamic Speaking vs. Loud Reading

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Converse Hall, Porter Lounge (3rd floor)

Have you ever been asked to present your written ideas orally and thought: I just need to read my paper out loud? If that’s what you do, that’s all your audience will get. A loud reading.

In this ninety minute workshop, learn how an oral presentation is different from reading a written document, and experience how to transform your writing into a dynamic performance. Taught by Susan Daniels, associate for public speaking. Space is limited; please reserve your spot today!