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Space is limited, so pre-registration is required. To register, click on the workshop below, look for the "Please register here" link under Additional Information, and fill out the form. You must be logged into the Amherst College web site to access the form. If we are offering a workshop you would like to attend but cannot due to the time/date, please contact the instructor or email the webmaster

Unless otherwise noted, all Writing Center workshops are held in the Writing Center seminar room, 101A Charles Pratt Hall.

Past workshops (from this year and previous) are listed here.

Thu, Jun 11, 2015

Reading Comic

Reading for Research Projects and Writing While Researching

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by all the material you are gathering for a substantial research project, and it can be difficult to start writing after being immersed in reading sources. This workshop will offer instruction and practice in varying your reading strategies and speed, according to your purpose in reading a particular source. You will also practice reading effectively and efficiently, rather than dutifully. The second half of this workshop will offer strategies for writing as you research, to help you articulate what you have learned, as well as to develop your own ideas along the way. Ultimately, these approaches will not only save you time and effort but, once it comes time to start a draft, you will actually already be revising, rather than facing a blank screen. Taught by Kristen Brookes, senior writing associate.

Wed, Jun 17, 2015

Summer Researcher Reception

Merrill Science Center, Keefe Science Library / Merrill Beach

Get together with other students engaged in research on campus, librarians, and technologists, and enjoy some refreshments while we talk informally about your projects and answer your questions about upcoming workshops.

Thu, Jun 18, 2015

Thesis writing in progress

Productive Habits for Long Term Projects

If you are embarking on an honors thesis, special topics course, or any other long-term academic project, you may have good intentions about setting deadlines and staying motivated, but you may also recognize that you've never done this before. Learn practices that will help you complete a long-term project you can be proud of without losing your mind. This workshop will introduce you to strategies for establishing good habits early, for writing more in less time, for avoiding procrastination and writer’s block, as well as for restoring creativity and finding joy in your work. Participants should bring their calendars. Taught by Jessica Gorman, writing associate.

Fri, Jun 19, 2015

Research Ethics Luncheon and Discussion

Many student researchers are required to take ethics training, formally known as Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). At Amherst College this requirement is fulfilled through online training and through faculty-student discussions. This open discussion will be led by several faculty members who will share their own insights into ethical dilemmas they have encountered, and describe scenarios that student researchers might face. Students will be encouraged to explore ethical questions related to their own research process and consider what to do when presented with an ethical dilemma. This workshop is mandatory for SURF students and strongly encouraged for SRP students. Other summer research students are also encouraged to attend, as well as take the online training.

Thu, Jun 25, 2015


Writing and Revising a Thesis with Scrivener

Merrill Science Center, Library Classroom 300B

Scrivener is a writing software that facilitates writing in small pieces, rearranging blocks of text, and integrating the research and writing processes. This workshop will introduce writers to the software's relevant features and how they might help you write more often, revise and re-organize more easily and manage your project with more agility and efficiency. Especially recommended for thesis writers, but open to all students. Students with no experience with Scrivener are welcome; those who are familiar with it are especially encouraged to attend and contribute to the discussion. Taught by Jessica Gorman, writing associate.