Task Force Charge

The Presidential Task Force on Accessibility and Inclusion is charged with conducting a comprehensive review of Amherst College’s policies and practices in the area of disability and inclusion. The purpose of the review is to develop an understanding of the systems in place at Amherst to support students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities; increase awareness of those systems; identify and, if necessary, refine, the core principles that guide the college’s approach to accessibility; identify systematic barriers to accessibility and inclusion at Amherst; recommend changes to address such barriers; and increase campus-wide awareness of accessibility as a core value of the college.

Areas of focus of the task force include, but are not limited to, academic and co-curricular life, admission, athletics, human resources, and the accessibility of facilities. As part of its work, the task force will examine policies and practices of other institutions, as appropriate. The task force will take a holistic approach to the assessment of issues of accessibility and inclusion and will not discuss or evaluate individual requests for accommodations. The president will serve in an advisory role and will attend meetings as her schedule permits. The chief diversity and inclusion officer and the chief of campus operations will serve as co-chairs of the task force. The other members are four faculty members; an associate dean of the faculty; six students; the chief student affairs officer; the chief financial and administrative officer or his designee; the director of accessibility services; an academic technology specialist. The task force will be advised by the chief policy officer and general counsel or her designee. Responsibility for keeping the Amherst community informed about the task force’s efforts will rest with the members of the task force.

Fall 2017 Membership

Jim Brassord, Co-Chair – Chief of Campus Operations
Norm Jones, Co-Chair – Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Annika Ariel ‘19 – Student
Robert Barasch ’19 – Student
Kristin Bumiller – Professor of Political Science
Joshua Ferrer ‘18E – Student
Jodi Foley – Director of Accessibility Services
Kannan Jagannathan – Professor of Physics
Asha Kinney – Academic Technology Specialist
Hilary Moss – Professor of History & Black Studies
Maria-Judith Rodriguez – Chief Human Resources Officer
Austin Sarat – Associate Dean of Faculty
Logan Seymour ‘19 – Student
Isabela Torres ’19 – Student
Josef Trapani – Assistant Professor of Biology
Kevin Weinman – Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Task Force Advisors

Biddy Martin – President
Justin Smith – Associate General Counsel