Use the Accessibility Checker Menu Tool

About this Menu Tool

A new tool is available in the menu when editing content on Amherst College Webpages.

The icon is found at the far right of the editing menu. It is a person with outstretched arms and is labeled Accessibility Checker. See picture below.

  accessibility checker icon

Instructions for Use

The Accessibility Checker will check and flag the article or specific content being edited for the following accessibility issues:

  • Incorrect headings or missing headings
    • Will identify text that should be set as a heading and is instead formatted as bold.
    • In some cases will identify non-sequential headings i.e. h2 followed by h5.
  • List structure
    • Will identify if you’ve manually formatted a numbered or bulleted list.
  • Image ALT text
    • It will check for alt text which in our case is required for images and should never be missing.
    • It will also check that the alt text is NOT the same as the image filename and prompt for use of meaningful alt text.
  • For Tables the checker will prompt for the following:
    • Caption, which appears at top.
    • Header cell - leave set to header row and click repair. Top row of table needs to have header-type content to satisfy this requirement.
    • “Table headers must be applied to a row or column” - this sets a tag for every header cell.
      • Leave set to row and click repair.
      • You will have click once for each column.
    • Best practice for tables is to leave defaults and keep clicking repair.

More Information

A demonstration for using this tool is available at Youtube:

For more detailed information about the Accessibility Checker menu tool go to the Tinymce website.