Amherst's most vibrant source of intellectual inspiration is its faculty. Known nationally and internationally for their research, published in renowned journals, acclaimed as authors and artists and scientists, Amherst professors enrich learning on campus. They are also dedicated teachers. Because there are no graduate students here, faculty members focus their time and attention on undergraduates. No matter how high-profile their scholarship, professors make themselves available to students—and frequently invite them to collaborate on research projects.

Sampling of Faculty Web Pages

Nicola Courtright-- Art and the History of Art

Jonathan Friedman-- Physics

Caroline Goutte-- Biology

Rick Lopez-- Environmental Science and History

Karen Sanchez-Eppler-- American Studies and English

Austin Sarat-- Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought and Political Science

William Taubman-- Political Science

Visit the Faculty Achievement page to read more about recent awards and honors received by members of the Amherst College faculty or visit the Faculty Works page to read recent interviews with current Amherst faculty.