Jean Robert Andre

Jean-Robert Andre

Junior, New Rochelle, New York.
French and Sociology Double Major.

You have such freedom to do what you want both academically and personally. Everyone here is so open to new ideas, and we’re constantly exposed to different point of view.”

Member, executive board, Pride Alliance
Member, Haitian Awareness Club
Member, Men's Project
Member, Amherst College Diversity Coalition
Former member, fencing team (club sport)

Why Amherst? I came from a small private school that offered a lot of individual attention and where everyone knew everyone else. I was looking for a college that matched my high school experience. Amherst had some of the nicest people and the most welcoming atmosphere of any of the schools I visited. People here are genuinely interested in each other.

Favorite class? In freshman year I took The City: New York. Not only did I love my professor but the class itself was a diverse and energetic one. Learning about how my city progressed through its history was really fascinating.

On student life: Amherst students are very involved, because we care about our community, about being informed and about being exposed to things we wouldn't otherwise be exposed to. The environment here gets us to realize that if we can see opportunity for change, we can make it happen.