Taela Brooks

Senior, Brooklyn, New York.
Psychology and Theater and Dance Double Major.

The open curriculum allows us to shape our educational experience to meet our interests and it raises the energy dynamic in the classroom because it guarantees that each student in every class has a genuine interest in the subject.”

Founder and co-chair, Amherst College Figure Skating Club
Choreographer and dancer, Amherst Dance
Choreographer and dancer, DASAC (Dancing and Stepping at Amherst College)
Member, Black Student Union

Why Amherst? I chose Amherst because I wanted to be in a community that was small enough for professors to know each student in their classes, but large enough for me to have a vibrant social life.

Favorite class? My favorite course was Secrets and Lies. Professor Sarat assigned a vast range of readings and challenged us to think about the ideas in provocative and insightful ways. Each class was exciting because we came up with new ways to confront our own preconceived beliefs about morale in politics and our own lives.

Memorable extracurricular moment: I played the piano during Harlem Renaissance. It was my first time playing the piano in front of an audience, but the support that I felt from all of my friends in the crowd made the performance memorable and exciting. I accomplished something that I had never tried before.

On student life: Amherst is a place where you can find support from faculty and other students to put on events or create clubs and organizations. I've found my experience to involve a heavy amount of both work and fun. We have enough resources, both academic and social, to make our experience individualized to meet our own needs and expectations.