Russell Lee

Senior, Lofton, Virginia.
Theater and Dance and English Double Major.

Amherst is a place that gives you the opportunity to venture out and expand your sense of self. Amherst wants you to grow and learn more about what you are interested in. If you find that you are no longer interested in one thing, then you have the opportunity to give something else a shot.”

Wide receiver, intercollegiate football (3 seasons)
Point guard, intercollegiate basketball (4 seasons)
Member, Zumbyes a cappella group

On being a two-sport athlete: There isn't any animosity on the teams because we know that we aren't fighting for a spot in the NFL or NBA. There is less pressure.

Memorable sports moment: Playing against Williams in the Final Four. The experience was something I never will forget.

Favorite class: So many to choose from. I love creative writing classes like Writing Poetry and Playwriting. If you want to get your creative motor running, check those out.

On singing a cappella: I did not sing a cappella before coming to Amherst. I did sing in choirs, but nothing as interesting as the Zumbyes. We make music that gives the audience a different perspective on what a cappella sounds like.