Melissa Ulloa

Junior, Los Angles, California.
History and Political Science Double Major.

One of my closest friends is from South Africa. I have another friend from Ghana. And another friend from Mexico City. Because everyone brings different stories to the table, it makes the conversation that much richer and engaging.”

Co-chair, Chicano Caucus
Member, La Causa
Member, College Democrats
Participant, Urban Education Internship (at public middle school in the Bronx, New York)

On Amherst students: To have such a variety and diversity of students here in such a small community I think is awesome. You can't find that other places. Because of that diversity—not just racial, but socioeconomic and geographic diversity—you get the chance to engage in conversations with people you might never have met.

Most memorable extracurricular moment: I helped plan an intercollegiate conference two weeks ago for the East Coast Chicano Student Forum. We had over 100 people. It took tons of planning and work. But that's one thing I learned—if you want to plan something that will enrich the college community, you'll definitely get 100 percent support from the administration here.

On tackling injustice: Through the Chicano Caucus, we were involved with the Freedom Ride for Immigrant Workers in New York. And with the Juarez Activism Group, we're trying to raise national awareness about women in Mexico who are being sexually assaulted and mutilated. We also want to start working with A Better Choice [an innovative residential program for urban boys].