Information for Current Applicants

Once you submit your application to Amherst, you will find the following pages helpful in monitoring the documents our office has received to complete your application, answering frequently asked questions about our online tracking system and, if you are admitted to the college, planning for special events that we will host in the spring:

Frequently Asked Questions: Have questions about tracking your application? Forgot your Amherst/AC Data username or password? Need to change some of your biographical or contact information? Find answers to questions frequently asked by applicants.

Monitor Your Application: Amherst uses an online system, ACData, which allows you to track your application materials and make sure that your application is complete. Learn how ACData works and how you can expect to access the system once you become an applicant.

Programs for Admitted Students: Students admitted to Amherst will have the opportunity to participate in several special programs for admitted students and their families.


Redesigned SAT
Learn more about the Redesigned SAT scheduled for launch in March 2016.

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