Use our online systems, ACData, to verify that Amherst has received all your applications materials, and NetPartner, to verify that all your finanical aid materials have been received.

Returning to check your ACData applicant portal? Access ACData
Returning to check your NetPartner financial aid portal? Access NetPartner

First time here? Read "How Does ACData Work?" and "How Does NetPartner Work?" below.

How Does ACData Work?

Amherst College uses an online system, ACData, to help you determine whether the college has received all of the required application materials and test results for your application. About a week after we receive your application, we will send you an email explaining how you can set your Amherst username and password. This username and password can be used to access your "My Amherst" page which will contain biographical information that you will need to verify.  The same username and password can be used to login to the ACData website to check for application materials.  (Note that your username is case sensitive and you may be denied access to the system if you attempt to login too many times with an incorrect password.) 

Once you have established your username and password, you can login to the ACData Website and check the list of application materials to be sure we have received all of the required documents to complete your application.

If your e-mail server uses a filtering system, please be sure to add and to your list of acceptable e-mail senders. The Admission Office will communicate with applicants regarding missing materials using email only.

Please understand that during the busiest times of the admission season—especially in early January—it can take up to three weeks application materials to be entered into ACData after they arrive in the Admission Office. We appreciate your patience.

How Does NetPartner Work?

Amherst College uses a secure online system, NetPartner, to help you determine whether the college has received all the required forms and supporting documents needed to complete your financial aid application. You can use your ACData username and password to access your NetPartner financial aid portal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Forgot your Amherst username or password? Changed your email address?  Need to correct an error in your "My Amherst" profile? No problem! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for some helpful hints.