Use your online Application Status account to verify that we have received all your application materials and your NetPartner account to verify that all your finanical aid materials have been received.

Returning to check your application materials?  Access your Application Status Account
Returning to check your NetPartner financial aid portal?  Access your NetPartner Account

First time here?  Read "How Does the Applicant Account Work?" and "How Does NetPartner Work?" below.

How Does the Application Status Account Work?

Amherst College uses a secure online Application Status Account system to help you determine whether the we have received all the application materials and test results required to complete your application. The same account will allow you to verify the accuracy of the contact information that we have gathered from your application and entered into our database. About four business days after we receive your application, we will send you a follow-up email with detailed instructions for establishing your account credentials and accessing your Application Status Account.

Email Address: Throughout the admission season, we will send emails to you with important updates, notices and other information concerning the status of your application, so it is extremely important that you provide an accurate, reliable email address that you monitor regularly.

  • If your email address changes to one different that provided on your application, please notify us promptly. To do so, use the "Change Email Address" option in the Account Tools section at the bottom of your Application Status page.
  • If your email server uses a filtering system, please be sure to add to your list of acceptable email senders.

How Does NetPartner Work?

If you've applied for financial aid, you may use Amherst's secure online system, NetPartner, to help you determine whether the college has received all the required forms and supporting documents needed to complete your financial aid application. You will need to set up a separate set of credentials to access your NetPartner account (i.e., separate from your Application Status credentials). About one week after your admission application has been received, our Office of Financial Aid will send you an email with detailed instructions for establishing your NetPartner account credential and accessing your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Forgot your account passwords? Changed your email address?  Need to correct your contact information? No problem! Check out our FAQ page for some helpful hints.