Couldn't make it to one of our panels? Not a problem... We're bringing our panels to you!

These panels were originally created for our entering Class of 2024, but they are equally informative for any students who have included Amherst among their schools of interest and would like to learn more.

  • This is Amherst brings together five current students to talk about their experiences at Amherst.
  • Academic Panels offer the insights of faculty and students into teaching, research and study in their respective fields – arts, humanities and social sciences, math and sciences, languages, pre-health professions, plus an overview session on “The Amherst Classroom.”
  • Special Showcases feature staff and students highlighting the depth and range of resources available at Amherst.

Special Showcase: President Martin's Address and Q&A

April 17, 2020

A special event featuring an address by President Biddy Martin, followed by a Q&A session with admitted students. (Keep your eyes open for an appearance by canine buddy, Oscar!) [TRANSCRIPT]

This is Amherst

April 13, 2020

Five current students with different majors, different interests and different hometowns talk about their experiences at Amherst. (There's a 12-minute video gap about halfway through, but the audio continues until the video returns, so don't tune out!) [TRANSCRIPT]

Arts Panel

April 14, 2020

Professor Darryl Harper of the Department of Music is joined by three students -- Audrey '20, Arielle '21 and Angelita-Sophina '20 - - to talk about opportunities for studying and practicing the arts at Amherst, in and out of the classroom. [TRANSCRIPT]

Humanities/Social Sciences Panel

April 14, 2020

Professor Leah Schmalzbauer is joined by students Joelle '22, Dean '22, Ella '22 and Manuel '21 for a conversation about their academic experiences in our humanities and social science departments, including courses, research, advising and more! [TRANSCRIPT]

Resource Centers Panel

April 15, 2020

Directors of the Center for Diversity & Student Leadership, Multicultural Resource Center, Queer Resource Center, Women's and Gender Center and Center for International Student Engagement speak about their campus roles and the activities of their centers. [TRANSCRIPT]

Career Services Panel

April 16, 2020

Four staff members of Amherst's Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning discuss the support, resources and opportunities available to students through the Center, including off-campus internships and alumni networks. [TRANSCRIPT]

The Amherst Classroom

April 16, 2020

Professor Austin Sarat and students Ryan '23, Rose '21 and Jeremy '21 discuss the experience of teaching and learning in the Amherst classroom, including academic expectations, the first-year seminar and faculty-student research opportunities. [TRANSCRIPT]

Math & Sciences Panel: Part I

April 17, 2020

Professor Marc Edwards and students Kenny '22, Kathleen '20 and Matt '21 talk about their experiences teaching, studying and researching in math and science fields at Amherst with a focus on biology, biochemistry/biophysics, math and psychology. [TRANSCRIPT]

Pre-Health Panel

April 17, 2020

Professor William Loinaz and Health Professions Advisor Richard Aronson M.D. are joined by Caroline '20, Stanley '20 and Emily '20 to talk about preparing for health professions at Amherst, including science courses, research, advising, internships and completing the pre-med track. [TRANSCRIPT]

Math & Sciences Panel: Part II

April 17 2020

Professor Kannan Jagannathan and students Arman '21, Cece '22 and Diego '22 talk about their experiences teaching, studying and researching in math and science fields at Amherst with a focus on physics, chemistry, biology and computer science. [TRANSCRIPT]