Programs for Admitted First-Year Students

Every April, after all applicants have been notified of our admission decision, the Amherst College Office of Admission sponsors several events for admitted students: on-line chats with current Amherst students; on-campus open houses; and admitted student receptions across the country. More detailed information is provided to admitted students through their online Application Status portals in early April, but the information below provide a sense of the types of programs offered. Please note that these events are open to admitted first-year students only, whether admitted through Early Decision or Regular Decision.

Online Chats with Current Students

Each April, the Admission Office hosts several online chat sessions for admitted first-year students. These sessions are scheduled on a variety of days and times to accommodate students who live in different time zones, including international students. During these chats, current Amherst students will be available to answer your questions about the Amherst experience — academics, research and internship opportunities, social life, housing, food, climate. You name it, they'll know about it!  Information on sceduling of online chat sessions for admitted students will be provided in early April through admitted students' Application Status portals.

On-Campus Open Houses

Every April, the Admission Office hosts two on-campus, open house programs for admitted first-year students: a "Day Open House" and an "Overnight Open House." Admitted students may choose to attend one of the two available Open Houses. Overnight accommodations with a current Amherst student host are arranged by the Admission Office for the Overnight Open House program.  

The Open Houses provide a great opportunity for admitted students to sample life at Amherst through the first-hand experiences of attending classes, meeting faculty, talking with students, seeing the campus, and (for students attending the Overnight Open House) staying in the residence halls. The open house programs typically include welcoming remarks from the President of Amherst College; informational panels of students, faculty and administrators discussing academic, residential, and social topics of interest to admitted students and their parents; student-to-student discussions on campus life and community at Amherst; and evening on-campus social events.

Detailed open house schedules are not finalized until early each spring and are then provided to all newly admitted students through their Application Status portals.

Local Alumni Receptions

Each April, the Office of Admission and regional chapters of the Amherst Alumni Association host receptions for admitted first-year students in major cities across the country — Boston, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  These receptions provide an opportunity to learn more about the College, meet local alumni (who are eager to talk with you about their experiences at Amherst!) and connect with future classmates. Dates, times and locations of alumni receptions for newly admitted students are provided to admitted students through their online Application Status portals in early April.