Information for Early Decision and Spring Transfer Applicants Affected by Recent Natural Disasters

Dear Students and Counselors,

In recent months, locations across the United States have been devastated by natural disasters, especially severe tornadoes in Dallas and extensive wildfires throughout California. In the aftermath of those events, we in the Amherst College Office of Admission send our sincere thoughts of care and concern to all of you in affected areas. We hope that you, your families and your friends are safe.

Many students, teachers and counselors in affected locations are still dealing with difficult and stressful challenges of daily life -- lack of electricity and water, disruption of transportation, closed schools, damage to property, and even displacement from your homes. For students planning to apply for Early Decision or Spring Transfer admission, there is the added complication of trying to submit applications and school documents under these unusual and trying circumstances. We hope that the information provided here will make that one part of life a little easier.

Application and Financial Aid Deadline Extensions - Early Decision and Spring Transfer Applicants  For students who have been affected by a recent natural disaster in Dallas or California and are experiencing disruptions that make it difficult to submit admission or financial aid applications or supporting documents by our standard November 1 deadline, we are offering an application deadline extension until November 10. If you are an Early Decision or Spring Transfer applicant who qualifies for an extension under these special circumstances, please email our Admission Office at to request an extension of the application deadline. Such students are also eligible to receive a deadline extension until November 10 for submission of all required financial aid materials. Email requests for extensions should be sent using the subject line "ED Application Extension Request" or "Transfer Application Extension Request" (as appropriate).

Application Fee Waivers - Early Decision and Spring Transfer Applicants  As further support, Amherst is offering waivers of the $65 application fee to Early Decision and Spring Transfer applicants affected by recent natural disasters. To access this fee waiver, complete and submit our online Quick Pass Application Fee Waiver form accordingly, then select the "Amherst Quick Pass Fee Waiver" option under the "school-specific fee waiver" question within the Amherst-specific sections of the Common Application or the Coalition Application.

We hope that these special arrangements will help to alleviate some of your concerns about your application and will make this one part of life a little less stressful. Should you face continued extenuating circumstances that necessitate consideration beyond those outlined above, please contact us at We will consider such special requests on a case-by-case basis and will be as accommodating as possible, within the constraints of the overall Early Decision admission process.

Again, we send our best wishes to you and those close to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns about the application process.

With warm regards,
Amherst College Office of Admission