Information about Application Options

For students entering in Fall 2024, Amherst accepts three different types of application for first-year admission --  the Common Application, Apply Coalition, Powered by Scoir, and the QuestBridge Application --  but an applicant should submit only one of these applications per admission cycle. In deciding on an application type, you should consider which application can best reflect your accomplishments, values and ambitions. Amherst does not have a preference for one application over the others; each of these application types will receive equal consideration in our admission process. Whatever your choice, be certain to inform your guidance counselor and teacher recommenders about the specific application you’ll be using and remember that you’ll need to arrange for the submission of mid-year reports, regardless of the application chosen.

Common Application

  • Amherst is one of more than 900 colleges and universities accepting the Common Application.
  • Since its founding in 1975, the Common Application has established a broad-based application platform: last year, nearly 1 million students submitted more than 4.4 million applications to the nearly 900 member institutions; over 300,000 teachers and counselors submitted more than 14 million supporting forms, documents and recommendations.
  • The Common Application is committed to providing website accessibility to all users, including individuals with disabilities. Efforts to support website accessibility include providing a Section 508 compliant PDF version of the Common Application (located in the footer of every page of the website), providing one-on-one phone assistance to any user unable to access the website, and permitting qualified users to complete and submit their admission applications by proxy.
  • The Common Application is available online on August 1.
  • Additional information may be found at the Common Application website.

Apply Coalition, Powered by Scoir

  • Amherst is one of more than 150 member institutions in the Coalition for College.
  • Coalition member institutions are committed to improving access to higher education by providing responsible, substantial financial aid to lower-income, under-resourced and/or first-generation students and demonstrating a commitment to student graduation.
  • The Coalition provides a free set of online tools and resources -- MyCoalition -- to assist students in assembling the materials needed for the college search and application process.
  • For additional details, please see our Information about Apply Coalition, Powered by Scoir page.

QuestBridge Application (First-Year Applicants Only)

  •  Amherst is one of 42 colleges and universities participating as institutional partners with QuestBridge, a non-profit program dedicated to connecting academically outstanding, low-income high school seniors with highly selective colleges and universities that are committed to making higher education affordable for all.
  • To be eligible for participation in the QuestBridge program, students must first submit “College Match” application materials to QuestBridge for initial review; students selected as QuestBridge Finalists will then proceed to the next step of being matched with or applying to QuestBridge partner schools.
  • The QuestBridge Application becomes available mid-summer with a final application deadline in late September.
  • The QuestBridge Application adheres to Section 508 ADA accessibility guidelines, as implemented through the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines.
  • Additional information may be found on the QuestBridge website.


Deciding on an application type is just the first step. You must also submit all the additional supporting materials required for a complete admission application, so be sure to review thoroughly the information on our Applying to Amherst webpages. And don't hesitate to get in touch with us at, if you have any questions.