Information for Regular Decision Applicants Affected by Recent Natural Disasters and Other Special Circumstances

In recent months, significant disruptions to everyday life have been caused by a series of extreme natural phenomena around the world -- hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and flooding. Many students, teachers and counselors in affected locations are still dealing with the difficult and stressful effects of those events. For students hoping to apply for Regular Decision admission, these occurences bring the added challenge of trying to submit applications and supporting documents under unusual and trying circumstances.

Application Deadline Extensions and Application Fee Waivers. If you are an intended Regular Decision applicant affected by such special circumstances and experiencing disruptions that have made it difficult to submit your application by our standard January 1 deadline, you may email our Admission Office at to request an extention of the application deadline. (Please use the subject line "RD Application Extension Request" and provide a brief description of the special circumstances that have affected you.) After emailing us, you may then return to the Common Application or the Coalition Application to complete and submit your application. As further support, you are also eligible for an Amherst application fee waiver, which you may access by selecting the "Special Circumstances Fee Waiver" option under the "school-specific fee waiver" question within the Amherst supplementary section of the Common Application or the Coalition Application.

We hope that these arrangements will help to alleviate some of your concerns about your application and will make this one part of life a little less stressful. Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or concerns about the application process.

With warm regards,
Amherst College Office of Admission