Additional Flexibility in the Evaluation of Transfer Credit

Due to the severe disruptions related to COVID-19, Amherst has adopted more flexible guidelines regarding transferable credit, which are not reflected in the information below. For the most up-to-date modifications to transferable credit policy, please see our COVID-19 Considerations webpage.

Amherst seeks, above all, to enroll exceptional students of strong and vibrant intellectual promise who have the demonstrated qualities of mind and character that will enable them to thrive in our dynamic academic and social environment and to take full advantage of the remarkable resources our community offers. A successful Amherst student is someone who will embrace the academic freedom provided by our open curriculum, engage with our talented and accomplished professors, and contribute significantly to a student population whose diversity of both background and perspective fosters a process of mutual education within and beyond the classroom curriculum.

Students who are interested in applying to Amherst as transfer students should first be familiar with our available admission options, our application requirements, our deadlines, and our approach to reviewing and evaluating applications for admission. Keep reading....  It's all here!

Eligibility and Guidelines for Transfer Admission

Update: Please review the statement above regarding additional flexibility in the evaluation of credit for transfer applicants.

A student may apply for transfer admission to Amherst after completing the equivalent of 32 semester hours of transferable liberal arts coursework at another college or university. (Courses in progress at the time of application are included in determining transferable credit.) To be competitive, you should have at least an A- average in your college courses. We do not accept applications from individuals who have already earned a bachelor's degree. Nor do we accept transfer applications from students who have completed college coursework as part of any program of dual enrollment, early graduation from secondary school or other accelerated completion of secondary school. (Such students should apply as first-year applicants.)

For more important information on transfer eligibility and transfer of credit, please read our Transferring to Amherst information sheet.

Transfer Admission Options and Application Deadlines

Transfer applicants may apply for enrollment starting in either the fall or the spring semester. 

  • Transfer applications for spring enrollment must be submitted by the November 1 deadline; notice of our decision will be issued by mid-December. 
  • Transfer applications for fall enrollment must be submitted by the March 1 deadline; notice of our decision will be issued by mid-April.   

Due to fluctuations in our transfer enrollment, accepted transfer candidates may not defer their enrollment.

Transfer Application Requirements

Required Application Materials 

Transfer applicants must submit the following materials by the appropriate deadline  --   November 1 for spring enrollment or March 1 for fall enrollment:

Optional Standardized Testing Results 

Standardized tests (SAT and/or ACT) are not required for transfer admission. At their own discretion, applicants may elect to have standardized test scores taken into consideration as part of the admission review process. For additional details, please review our Standardized Testing Policy

Optional Application Materials 

Students with exceptional accomplishments in specific areas may wish to submit additional information for consideration. This optional material is neither required nor necessary and should be submitted only if the applicant has achieved at an exceptionally high level.

  • Arts  Students with talents or accomplishments in the arts -- music, theater, dance, and visual art -- may submit related material for review by Amherst faculty. For additional details on art supplements, please review our Special Information for Arts Supplement Submission.
  • Athletics  Students who wish to participate in varsity athletics may indicate that interest in the appropriate section of the Common Application and may consult the About Amherst Athletics webpage for information about varsity teams and contact with athletic coaches. Prospective student-athletes should review the NESCAC Statement of Common Admission Practices.

Special Circumstances?

Are you a community college student or an American veteran? Be sure to check out our special information pages for community college transfer students and U.S. veterans.

Are you an international student?  Be sure to check out our special information pages for international student applicants.

Are you an undocumented student?  Be sure to check out our special information pages for undocumented and DACA-designated applicants.

Are you a homeschooled student? Be sure to check out our special information page for homeschooled applicants

Transfer Application Review and Evaluation

Amherst takes great care to review every application thoroughly. Each application is read by at least two admission deans before being presented to the Admission Committee for discussion. In evaluating your application, we pay closest attention to your:

  • college and secondary school transcripts;
  • instructor recommendations;
  • quality of writing as demonstrated in your essays, writing supplement, and recommendations;
  • extra- and co-curricular involvements, talents, and leadership.

We give the greatest weight to your academic transcript. The rigor of the courses you've taken, the quality of your grades and the consistency with which you've worked over time give us the clearest indication of how well you will do at Amherst. Recommendations, the quality of your writing, and extra- and co-curricular accomplishments also help us draw fine distinctions among very talented applicants.