Transferring from a Community College

To begin, you may want to download the Amherst College Community College Collaboration Agreement

Amal Ali '11e

videoTo learn about the transfer experience, watch videos of community college transfer students reflecting on their transition to Amherst.

videoLearn more about Amherst student experiences on our “Lives of Consequence” pages.

Amherst is committed to providing transfer opportunities for high-achieving community college students with limited financial resources. Since partnering with the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation in 2006, Amherst has become a national leader among highly selective colleges in offering exceptional academic and scholarship options to community college students.  Our need-blind admission and need-based, no-loan financial aid policies make Amherst a particularly attractive and affordable school.

  • Over the past five years, Amherst has accepted more than 100 community college students.

  • More than 60% of our transfer students previously attended community college.

  • Currently, 100% of our community college transfer students are receiving need-based financial aid and the average scholarship grant exceeds $55,000.

“Our need-blind admission policy has always meant that highly motivated, highly qualified students could come to Amherst, even if they didn’t think they could afford it. We are committed to finding new ways to reach out to the largest number of qualified students: we are proud of our commitment to a really amazing group of high achievers at the community colleges who are ready for Amherst.”
                                                          --- Tom Parker, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

Community College Transfer Application Guidelines

Community college students should apply as all transfer applicants do, submitting the Transfer Common Application and Amherst’s Supplement to the Transfer Common Application, along with other supporting materials. To learn more about elibility for admission and transfer of credit, read the Amherst College Community College Collaboration Agreement. To see if you qualify for an application fee waiver, take our Financial Aid Quick Pass Quiz.

For more information about transferring from a community college, please contact Assistant Dean of Admission Alexandra Hurd at 413-542-2328.

Colleen O'Connor

Why Colleen O’Connor ’11 transferred to Amherst

Colleen O’Connor is from Westhampton, Mass. She came to Amherst as a transfer student through the college’s Community College Transfer Initiative, a program funded by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. In a recent issue of Amherst Magazine, Colleen expresses her gratitude to the donors who have made her Amherst education possible and discusses how Amherst has helped her realize her goals for the future.


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