Additional Flexibility in the Evaluation of Transfer Credit

Due to the severe disruptions related to COVID-19, Amherst has adopted more flexible guidelines regarding transferable credit for spring 2020 college coursework. Specifically, all college coursework completed by admitted or applying transfer students with grades of "Pass/P" for the spring 2020 term will be considered for transfer of credit. Additionally, spring 2020 college coursework that was scheduled for in-person instruction, but was moved to online instruction as a result of the pandemic, will be considered for transfer of credit. All other criteria for transferability of credit must be met and will be determined at the discretion of the Registrar at the point of admission.

Read more about Amherst Admission response to COVID-19 developments.

To begin, you may want to download the Amherst College Community College Collaboration Agreement.

Amherst is committed to providing transfer opportunities for high-achieving community college students with limited financial resources. Since partnering with the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation in 2006, Amherst has become a national leader among highly selective colleges in offering exceptional academic and scholarship options to community college students.  Our need-blind admission and need-based, no-loan financial aid policies make Amherst a particularly attractive and affordable school.

  • Over the past five years, Amherst has admitted more than 100 community college students.
  • Approximately 50% of our transfer students previously attended community college.
  • Nearly 100% of our community college transfer students are receiving need-based financial aid. The average scholarship grant for transfer students is typically around $60,000 per year.

Community College Transfer Application Guidelines

Community college students should apply as all transfer applicants do, submitting the Transfer Common Application and the Amherst’s Supplement associated with those applications, along with other supporting materials.

Update: Please review the statement above regarding additional flexibility in the evaluation of credit for transfer applicants.

Special Circumstances?

Are you a U.S. veteran or active duty service member? An undocumented or DACAmented student? Please read our relevant special information pages for additional guidance on the application process.

For more information about transferring from a community college, please contact a member of our admission team at or 413-542-2328. If have remaining questions, feel free to contact Associate Dean of Admission Alexandra Hurd or Assistant Dean of Admission Hira Byrne

Amal Ali '11e

videoTo learn about the transfer experience, watch videos of community college transfer students reflecting on their transition to Amherst.

Carlos Gonzalez ’14, a double major in Political Science and Interdisciplinary Latino Studies, was awarded a Humanity in Action Fellowship and a Gates Cambridge Fellowship.

Timothy Gaura ’15E, an Anthropology major, was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship.

Community college transfer student Al Williams joined Amherst in Fall 2014. Read his story.

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Colleen O'Connor

Why Colleen O’Connor ’11 transferred to Amherst

Colleen O’Connor is from Westhampton, Mass. She came to Amherst as a transfer student through the college’s Community College Transfer Initiative, a program funded by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. In an article published in Amherst Magazine, Colleen expresses her gratitude to the donors who have made her Amherst education possible and discusses how Amherst has helped her realize her goals for the future.