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Transfer Students

Thinking about where to spend the rest of your college years brings with it an exciting sense of anticipation for the opportunities ahead. This has been an extraordinarily challenging time for all college students, so take pride in having successfully navigated so many complexities. Although the world has not yet returned to normalcy, we hope that you are nevertheless looking forward with anticipation to the excitement of continuing your educational journey. Some of you may already be immersed in the college search process; others may be starting now. We're delighted that you are interested in exploring the opportunities available at Amherst College!

Your first step should be to review our Applying as a Transfer Student information to learn about our transfer application and admission processes. We realize, however, that this year is anything but "standard." With our lives being altered in multiple ways by evolving COVID-19 developments, it is a time of change and adaptation with new questions and concerns continually emerging. We hope this additional information will add some clarity in these unpredictable times and make this one part of life a little less stressful.

Additional Flexibility in the Evaluation of Transfer Credit   Due to the severe disruptions related to COVID-19, Amherst has adopted more flexible guidelines regarding transferable credit. Specifically, coursework beginning in the spring 2020 term and taken through the spring 2022 term that would typically be scheduled for in-person instruction, but was moved to online instruction as a result of the pandemic, will be considered for transfer of credit. All other criteria for transferability of credit must be met and will be determined at the discretion of the Registrar at the point of admission. 

College coursework completed in the spring 2020 term by transfer students with grades of "Pass/P" will automatically be considered for transfer of credit. "Pass/P" coursework from terms other than spring 2020 must have written confirmation from the transcript-issuing institution of the "Pass/P" being a grade of "C or above" to be considered for transfer of credit. All other criteria for transferability of credit must be met and will be determined at the discretion of the Registrar at the point of admission.​

Submission of SAT / ACT   Consistent with longstanding policy, Amherst will not require the submission of the SAT or ACT for any transfer applicant. At their own discretion, applicants may still submit SAT or ACT scores for consideration, but SAT Subject Tests will not be considered as part of the evaluation of any applicant's academic record.

Expanded TOEFL & IELTS Options   Given the Covid-related limitations on TOEFL and IELTS testing, Amherst will also accept the TOEFL Special Home Edition, the TOEFL ITP for China, and the IELTS Indicator during the 2020-21 admission cycle for any international applicants who are required to submit English language proficiency testing results. These additional tests will be weighed equally with the regular, in-person TOEFL and IELTS tests.

Sustained Commitment to Financial Aid   Amherst's commitment to expanding access to higher education remains unabated. We will steadfastly continue to follow a policy of need-blind admission for all applicants, domestic and international, and to provide aid awards that meet 100% of the demonstrated financial need of all admitted students with no required student loans.

Expanded Application Fee Waivers   We don't want application fees to be a financial barrier to applicants. Complete our short-and-simple Quick Pass form to see if you qualify for an Amherst fee waiver. (Of course, we also accept the general fee waivers issued by the Common or Coalition Transfer Applications, but our Quick Pass has even broader criteria for fee waiver eligibility.)

Flexibility for Changes in Academic Programs   We realize that your education may be undergoing substantial disruption during this time. Your school may have ended the school year abruptly, moved to remote learning, or introduced other changes related to public health. As a college that is committed to holistic review and considering each applicant within the context of their school environment, Amherst will be very understanding of these situations. Please be assured that the consideration of your application will not be negatively affected by academic developments that are clearly beyond your control.

Campus Visits  We're delighted to be once again welcoming visitors to our beautiful campus! (Masks are required of all visitors at all times while on campus.) We're also continuing to offer virtual campus visits, including Zoom information sessions presented by an admission officer and/or tours led by our awesome team of student guides. And we've added a series of special-topic themed virtual sessions. Whichever option you choose, be sure to check out our campus tour video. The current schedule and registration for in-person campus visits, virtual campus visits and themed sessions is available at Visiting Amherst, along with a link to the campus tour video. We'd love to have you join us!

On that same page, you'll find our Admission Conversations video with featuring five summer admission interns sharing their Amherst experience. There's also a series of student-faculty panels that provide interesting and informative insights into what it's like to teach and learn at Amherst. And there's even more about student life at Amherst to be discovered by reading our student blogs and the bios of our tour guides and diversity outreach interns.

Getting in Touch   Although Amherst's Wilson Admission Building remains closed to visitors, we are monitoring emails and phone messages regularly, so please don't hesitate to contact us at or (413) 542-2328. We want to stay in touch, even if it may take us just a bit longer to get back to you.

We send our best wishes for the health and well-being of you, your family and your community. We are thinking  of your in these challenging days.