Diversity Interns

Diversity: The art of thinking independently together

Daniel Carrizales ’14

Hi! My name is Dan Carrizales and I am a senior from Fort Worth, Texas. I am the son of Mexican immigrant and only the second person in my family to go to college. I attended R.L. Paschal High School where I played trumpet in the marching band, ran blood drives for Student Council, and flew to Italy as an Italian Youth Ambassador. I am a Computer Science and Music double major, concentrating in natural language processing and music history. Here at Amherst, I’m a tour guide, Diversity Intern, TA for the Computer Science department, Chair of the Senior Gift Committee for the Office of Development, and a research assistant for the Spanish department. I have also been a part of the Social Council, Route 9 (all-male a Cappella) and have played on an intramural soccer team. This year I’m living in King Hall I have by far the best room on campus. After Amherst I hope to work for a couple years in advertising and marketing before going to grad school to complete an MBA or any other degree that persuades me. Whenever I have free weekends I love to go down to New York City to catch a show and hang out with Amherst alums.

Melissa Aybar ’14

Melissa Aybar

My name is Melissa Aybar and I am a senior from Boston, MA. Aside from being a diversity intern, I am involved with Program Board, Reader to Reader, WorldRead, Girls Inc. and other organizations throughout and off-campus. Amherst provides numerous new opportunities for students to execute whatever they are most invested in. I chose Amherst because it allowed me to toy with its curriculum and its size was appealing. While I have been here I have initiated a literacy project in the Dominican Republic, planned a concert, started learning a new language, saw fantastic speakers, met some pretty amazing people and much more to be excited about! The longer I am on this campus, the less I know what track I want to pursue because of the exposure to so many new options—but to me, that is the beauty of this place!

Edith Cricien ’14

Edith Cricien

Hello! My name is Edith Cricien, a senior, and originally from Miami, Florida. I learned about Amherst through Questbridge during my junior year at Southwest Miami High School. As soon as I heard about the open curriculum, the close-knit community, and I must admit the school colors (purple and white) I was already falling in love. What truly sealed the deal for me was coming to a Diversity Open House Weekend the fall of 2009. On campus I am part of the Amherst Questbridge Chapter Board and I also work at the Career Center as an Alumni and Employment Engagement Intern. In the past, I have had the opportunity to tutor middle school students as well as adult students who were learning English. Some of my favorite pastimes are walking the bike trail, lying down on the freshmen quad during early fall (I like to soak in the last bits of warm weather before winter!) and spending time with friends. I’m excited for my last year at Amherst and most importantly continuing to be a resource for prospective students!

Kayla White ’14

Kayla White

Hi! My name is Kayla White and I’m from Silver Spring, MD but being from the DC Area, I always claim I’m from DC. I went to the Potomac School in McLean, VA. I’m a senior French and Psychology double major here at Amherst and I absolutely love both of the departments. The open curriculum allows me to take whatever courses interest me and so I do precisely that; I have now taken courses in over 10 departments.  On campus I’m a Diversity Intern, a chair of the Campus Activities Board, and a member of Amherst Dance. During my sophomore year, I worked as an assistant stage manager for a senior thesis production in the Theatre and Dance Department, which was a fun challenge and I had the opportunity to work with a great groups of students to put the piece together. In the spring of 2013 I studied abroad in Paris, which is undoubtedly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.  I love the people I’ve met here and all of the opportunities Amherst provides for me; I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

Alda Chan ’14

Alda Chan

Hello there! My name is Alda, and I am a senior from NYC. Going to a college in a small town blessed with beautiful nature definitely provides me with an escape whenever I want to change up my surroundings.  Amherst’s laid-back, but yet extremely ambitious vibe definitely drew me into choosing this school. I come from a Chinese background, and as a first-generation college student, I strive to get the most out of this amazing experience of attending Amherst College. I am a LJST (Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought) and French double major.  I just came back from a life-changing semester abroad in Paris and will take on my senior year with a future at law school in mind.  In addition to being dedicated academically, I am also a co-chair of the Campus Activities Board, a Campus Center Manager/Event Intern, a volunteer for Horizons for Homeless Children, a member of Amherst Dance, and—of course—a Diversity Intern. Final shout-out to all of you fashionable people: If you’re worried about the winter months forcing you to wear the puffy jacket that always cramps your style, on this campus, you definitely learn how to rock it with confidence you never knew existed.

Kyra Ellis-Moore ’15      

Kyra Ellis-Moore

Hello!  My name is Kyra Ellis-Moore and I am a junior here at Amherst College from sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I was drawn to Amherst because of the small, tightly-knit and very diverse community we have here that both supports, nurtures and challenges those who are a part of it, and also because of the intellectual curiosity and academic freedom that are fostered by the open curriculum.  I am a Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought and Women’s and Gender Studies double major, and am looking forward to exploring the Political Science, Black Studies, and Sociology departments and studying abroad in South Africa in the coming years.  Outside of the classroom, I am a Tour Guide and a Diversity Intern for the Office of Admission, I serve as a Peer Advocate of Sexual Respect, dance (and am beginning to choreograph!) for Amherst Dance, and am a part of Women of Amherst and Random Acts of Kindness.  Amherst is a place that has blessed me with many opportunities, challenges, and incredible relationships, and luckily, I am only just beginning my time here.

Destinee Mentor-Richards ’15     *****ABROAD****       

Destinee Mentor-Richards

Hi!  My name is Destinee Mentor-Richards and I am a junior Math and Asian Languages (Concentration: Arabic) double major from Brooklyn, NY.  I am an only child and my family is from the small island of Trinidad in the Caribbean.  I attended The Dalton School in Manhattan for 13 years before coming to Amherst; so, as you can imagine I was terrified at the prospect of leaving High School.  However, looking back at my experience thus far, I sincerely believe choosing Amherst was the best decision I have ever made.  I was attracted to the small, tight-knit community of the college and fell in love with it during the Admitted Student Open House weekend.  During that weekend, I discovered Amherst's best asset - the people.  When I am not studying, I enjoy reading (my favorite book is The House on Mango Street) and watching Pretty Little Liars.  In addition to being a Diversity Intern, I am a member of the Club Equestrian Team, DASAC (Dance and Step at Amherst College), a tour guide, and a member of the Sabrinas, the oldest all-female A Capella group on Campus.

Taylor Wallace ’15        ****ABROAD****

Taylor Wallace

Hello!  My name is Taylor Wallace and I am a junior from Clarksville, MD.  I am a Biology and Historical Linguistics with a concentration in Portuguese double major on the pre-med track here at Amherst.  Something that really attracted me to Amherst was the multi-faceted environment that encouraged both intellectual and personal growth.  At Amherst, in addition to being a Diversity Intern, I am also the Strategic Planning Coordinator for the El Arco Iris Mentorship program, a tutor with the VELA Scholar program, and a member of the Women’s Lacrosse Team.  I love that Amherst allows me to discover new academic interests while continuing my prior extracurricular passions of community service involvement and athletics.  I also really enjoy the five-college consortium because it has allowed me to attend various cultural and social events, including delicious Caribbean dinners at Smith College and awesome Latino dance parties at UMass Amherst.  After Amherst, I plan on attending Medical School and eventually joining the Doctors without Borders organization.

Julian Boykins '15

Julian Boykins

Hey, my name is Julian Boykins and I'm currently in my junior year. I'm from Atlanta, GA and graduated from Lakeside High School. When I was looking at colleges, I realized that I had no idea what I wanted to study. I enjoyed almost everything I learned in high school. My extracurricular interests ranged from rapping to academic bowl. I was basically interested in learning new things while trying figuring out what I loved to do. I found that Amherst was the place I could focus my interests without limiting the new ones I developed. For example, I've taken an Intro to Geology class and studied Yorba sculpture in a Survey of African Art. Amherst's open curriculum proposed a challenge, while offering the flexibility to try new courses. Outside the academic sphere, I serve on the Black Student Union Executive Board. At my core, I'm a Resident Counselor, who loves to rap and make beats. You can catch me skateboarding to a Model UN meeting or DASAC practice.

Jesse Chou ’15              

Jesse Chou

Hi, I am Jesse Chou and am a junior from sunny Rancho Palos Verdes, California.  I am originally from the Midwest where my family owns a few Chinese restaurants.  Instead of working at one, I have come to Amherst College where I have had the chance to row with Amherst Crew, tutor at a local middle school with the Vela program, and serve Amherst’s chapter of Questbridge, where we help students benefit from all that Amherst has to offer: great academics, no core curriculum (meaning you spend money only on classes you want to take), and the surrounding community of Amherst and the Five College Consortium.  I remember one of my friends raving about the trees and how pretty the campus was but there are plenty of better reasons to come to Amherst; I truly think it has something for everyone.

Servet Bayimli ’16

Servet Bayimli

Hey everyone! My name is Servet Bayimli and I am a sophomore from Brooklyn, NY. I am an only child from a Turkish immigrant family and the first in my family to go to college. Amherst College struck my interest because of the close community and its encouraging view on intellectual curiosity. I attended Brooklyn Technical High School, New York City's largest high school, before coming to Amherst. I went from a high school with nearly 5,500 students to a college with 1,800. Although I was excited to step out of my comfort zone, one could imagine my nervousness from the major change I was about to experience. To my surprise, Amherst made the transition easy. I instantly connected with my classmates and professors and quickly forgot I was no longer in the busy city I grew up in. I plan to study Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought. I am also interested in the Asian Language and Civilization, History, Political Science, and Art & Art History departments. I also hope to study abroad. In addition to being a Diversity Intern, I am a Telementor with the Admissions Office, a member of the Student Senate, the Mock Trial Team, Model United Nations, and Girls Inc. where we tutor girls in Holyoke. 

Elizabeth Lefever ’16

Elizabeth Lefever
Hey guys! My name is Elizabeth Lefever and I'm a sophomore from New York. I attended the Fieldston School for fourteen years, and in my junior year of high school I spent a semester in Maine at the Chewonki Semester School. Being in the same place from pre-k through senior year doesn't allow for much exploration; after my semester away I knew I wanted to attend a college that challenged and encouraged me to make my own experiences. I'm currently undeclared, but I'm leaning towards a double major in Computer Science and Asian Languages and Civilizations. We'll see though! One of the best things about Amherst's open curriculum is that I have the time and flexibility to figure it all out. My activities here have included Zumba classes, tutoring through a program called Girls Inc., the Amherst Women's Ultimate Frisbee team, and the Knitting Club (Much Ado About Knitting.) In addition to being a Diversity Intern, I also work in the Admissions Office as a Tour Guide. I've had a wonderful time at Amherst so far, and I hope you come to love this place as much as I do.

Matt Randolph ’16

Matt Randolph

Hey, everyone! My name is Matt Randolph and I am a sophomore from Towson, MD. I went to school in Baltimore City (Go Orioles! Go Ravens!). This is my first year as a Diversity Intern! I am a History and Spanish double major. I love studying environmental history, U.S. history, and Latin American history. Right now, I’m doing historical research for a Political Science Professor! I love to travel, and I’d definitely like to study abroad in Latin America as a junior. During my first year at Amherst, I was fortunate enough to volunteer with Beyond El Campo, an international Amherst student-led volunteering program for a public library in a rural Costa Rican town. This year, in addition to working as a Diversity Intern, I have been involved in Pride Alliance, the college’s LGBTQ student organization, and I am a staff writer for AC Voice, a student-run web publication. I am a strong advocate for the liberal arts and the open curriculum. I have made many interdisciplinary connections by exploring departments beyond my majors, like Geology, German, Philosophy, and Religion. Amherst is one of the most amazing and diverse institutions ever. I couldn't ask for a greater community to spend four years of my life!

Miu Suzuki ’16


Miu Suzuki '16                                                                                                     

Miu Suzuki

 Hello! My name is Miu Suzuki, and I am a sophomore from Las Vegas, Nevada (disclaimer: my life is not like the Hangover). I am tentatively studying Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought with a double major in either English or Women's and Gender Studies; however, I am also very interested in Philosophy. On Campus I am a tour guide, a shop technician for the Theatre and Dance Department, co-chair and choreographer for Dance and Step at Amherst College, and a volunteer tutor for a local organization called Girls Inc. where we tutor k-6 girls who live in a Holyoke. I also live in Marsh Arts House, which is a themed house for the Arts (as you can gather), so if you have any questions about that, please let me know! Coming from a large city, I was afraid that I would be stuck in rural MA with nothing to do except pet cows and frolick in corn fields. Although I could do those activities, there's more to Amherst than what meets the eye. There are 30,000 college students in a ten to fifteen mile radius, meaning that you can make Amherst as large or as small as you want it to be. Three things that you should know about Amherst goes as follows: 1) Open Curriculum 2) Five College Consortium 3) Amherst is pronounced without the "h". If you have any questions in regards to the first two (I hope you don't need help on the third), let me know!


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