Student Bloggers

Each school year and summer, current Amherst students volunteer to share their experiences and perspectives of Amherst by authoring their own blogs.

Summer 2021 Blogs

Every summer here at Amherst, several current students work full-time in our Office of Admission as summer interns -- leading campus tours, answering phones, participating in group information sessions, greeting students and families, and generally making this a friendly, lively summer spot!

Last summer was unlike any other and our interns worked remotely, but this year they're back in-person on campus and they will be sharing their experiences of Amherst by authoring their own blogs! They are an active and diverse bunch with majors from Biochemistry & Biophysics to English to Theater & Dance (and more), from hometowns near and far. Their weekly blogs will give you an up-close-and-personal view of Amherst from a variety of perspectives. If you have any questions about Amherst, feel free to email any of the bloggers. You can also check out student blogs from previous years for an even more varied perspective of life at Amherst. Plus, meet more students at our Tour Guides and Diversity Outreach Interns pages. 

So many students, so many different perspectives!

Meet Our Summer Bloggers

Headshot of Bella Wischik

Bella Wischik '23

Prospective Major(s): Biochemistry & Biophysics
 Astoria, NY

Headshot of Brandon Ngacho

Brandon Ngacho '24

Prospective Major(s): Computer Science
 Nairobi, Kenya

Headshot of Jackie Fernandes

Jackeline Fernandes '24

Prospective Major(s): English, Psychology
 Port Washington, NY

Headshot of Jessica Butler

Jessica Butler '23

Prospective Major(s):  Biochemisty & Biophysics, Biology
Hometown:  Knightstown, IN

Headshot of Kelly Huang

Kelly Huang '22

Prospective Major(s): Mathematics, Psychology
 Arcadia, CA

Headshot of Leland Culver

Leland Culver '24

Prospective Major(s): Theater & Dance, Classics
 Gary, IN

Headshot of Luke Herzog

Luke Herzog '24

Prospective Major(s): English, Theater & Dance
 Pacific Grove, CA

Headshot of Manny Medina

Manny Medina '22

Prospective Major(s): Psychology, Pre-Med
 New York, NY

Headshot of Neviah Waldron

Neviah Waldron '24

Prospective Major(s): Psychology, German
 Brooklyn, NY

2020-2021 School Year Blogs

Headshot of Victoria Foley

Victoria Foley '23

Prospective Major(s):  Spanish and Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought
Hometown:  Springfield, VA

Headshot of Sage Geyer

Sage Geyer '22

Prospective Major(s):  Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought
Hometown:  Madison, NJ

Headshot of Anna Hogarth

Anna Hogarth '23

Prospective Major(s):  Environmental Studies
Hometown:  Summit, NJ

Headshot of Erxi Lu

Erxi Lu '24

Prospective Major(s):  Economics, Political Science, Math and/or Art
Hometown:  New York City, NY