students sit in a group of Adirondack chairs on the quad with Johnson Chapel behind them

Every year here at Amherst, several current students work for our Office of Admission as bloggers. They are an active and diverse bunch with majors from Economics to Psychology to Mathematics (and more), from hometowns near and far. Their weekly blogs provide an up-close-and-personal view of Amherst from a variety of perspectives and experiences. 

Our current bloggers:

Jasmine Hernandez

Jasmine Hernandez ’26
Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought and Latinx/Latin American Studies
Culver City, CA

Lindsey Huang

Lindsey Huang ’26
Psychology and Economics
San Francisco, CA

Corey OCallaghan

Corey O’Callaghan ’25
Albuquerque, NM

Sophie Goldsmith

Sophie Goldsmith ’24
Biology and French
Tampa, FL

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Blog Archive

See posts from our past bloggers:

Liam Arce

Liam Arce '24

Prospective Major(s): Chemistry
Hometown: North Andover, MA

Oscar Jemison-Blais

Oscar Jemison-Blais '26

Prospective Major(s): Psychology
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Jess Li

Jess Li '24

Prospective Major(s): Economics and Sociology
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Vivien Liu

Vivien Liu '26

Prospective Major(s): Biochemistry and Philosophy
Hometown: Saipan, MP

Martha Odhiambo

Martha Odhiambo '26

Prospective Major(s): Math and Political Science
Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Gillian Richard

Gillian Richard '24

Prospective Major(s): Economics and Mathematics
Hometown: Charleston, SC

Quincy Smith

Quincy Smith '26

Prospective Major(s): Black Studies and Art History
Hometown: Providence, RI

Nick Torres

Nick Torres '25

Prospective Major(s): Education Studies
Hometown: South Orange, NJ

2022-2023 School Year Blogs

Nyla Guadalupe

Nyla Guadalupe '23

Prospective Major(s): Psychology and Black Studies
Hometown: Bronx, NY

Sylvie Wolff

Sylvie Wolff '25

Prospective Major(s): Environmental Studies
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Thomas Ye

Thomas Ye '25

Prospective Major(s): Math and Political Science 
Hometown: Westchester, NY

Victoria Foley

Victoria Foley '23

Prospective Major(s):  Spanish and Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought
Hometown:  Springfield, VA