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Bongani Ndlovu

Superman, Batman, Red Ranger, Bongani - enough said, right?! Yeah, probably not. My name is Sabelo Ndlovu, but I go by my middle name - Bongani. I'm currently one of the 6 summer interns at the Office of Admission. I hail from Durban, South Africa. I'm a rising senior. I study Law, Jurisprudence & Social Thought and Biology. I love singing, dancing, playing [read: watching] rugby, climbing, kayaking and cooking. One of my greatest passion is the study of languages. My mother languages are Zulu and English. In addition to these, I speak Italian, French and a few others. Next on the list is Arabic, an undertaking for which I'm extremely excited. I come from a large family, which in enmeshed in somewhat of a complictaed kinship system. I listen to nobody who tries to caution me against the perils of television. I'm also super attached to my beard.

Many people assume I'm a belligerent fellow on the basis of my membership in the Zulu tribe, but I really don't merit that kind of street cred. While I'm not a doormat and do not shy away from expressing my views irrespective of their popularity, I like to think I'm pretty personable and exercise a lot of moderation in confrontation - I aim to challenge by choice. One of my many flaws is verbosity, so if you don't read any further, please retain this point: I love Amherst and I'd be happy to share with you the reasons I do. If you'd like to find out more about all that I do on campus, what sort of guy I am, or just want to chat, shoot me an email.