So this is my first blog post (YAY?!!?). I am both excited and nervous right now. Excited because I’ve never really been in the public eye before--I pray to God that I don’t make a fool out of myself--and nervous because I am hoping that you will find my post entertaining and will want to read more.

After a marathon of Game of Thrones Season 1 (I am trying to get Julia, the other blogger, to get into GoT, so please pester her about watching!!! Just kidding. But not really though……), I have finally mustered up the motivation to write my first blog post. Here goes nothing…..!


Today is June 18, 2013: Day 14 of my Amherst summer. First of all, I’d like to give a shout out to my sister Naomi, who just graduated from high school! I love her to death and wish her all the best even from Amherst, Massachusetts.

congrats Naomi

Looking back at these past 14 days here at Amherst, I can honestly say that I am in LOVE with our campus. I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the natural elegance of the College and the town of Amherst before—perhaps something about the campus during the winter and the stress of school just didn’t resonate with me?

 -look at this picture and try telling me that you don’t think it’s gorgeous (courtesy of Wikipedia) 

Aside from the natural beauty, I’ve also noticed the change in demographics. During the school year, the town of Amherst is inundated with 30,000 eighteen to twenty-four year olds. Now that the majority has left, every time I walk into town, I don’t only see my peers, but rather the townspeople. I see families with newborns, flocks of middle school students, married elderly couples, amongst others. It’s really refreshing to recognize that the Amherst doesn’t revolve around us students.


Moral of the story: There is life outside of Amherst College!

REAL moral of the story: If you visit Amherst this summer, explore the town as much as you can, whether that be the restaurants, museums, or just the great outdoors. I PROMISE YOU THAT IT’S WORTH IT. (it’s also less crowded)

Anyways, that is all for now. I shall leave you with this photo of me and another student blogger, Miu. Just cause she said not too post it :P 

  this one's for you, miu

Stay tuned for more posts and adventures.


Until then,