Hello again, internet! It’s been exactly a week since my last blog post. It’s been quite the eventful week and I’m excited to share it with my loyal fans!  (Side note: I’m gonna refer to you guys as LF, "loyal fans", from now on)

First of all, I’ve finally started my summer reading list!! YAY!! after three weeks of vegetating and doing nothing, I’m trying to be productive…we’ll see how that goes… So I went to the Barnes & Noble about a mile away and bought Naked by David Sedaris. The plan is to read whenever I can. Mostly that just means when I’m biking in the gym. As of now, I am on page 27. (I shall keep you guys updated on my progress in the next posts)

How Miu Responded When I Told her That I'm Reading:


How I Responded Back:

im cool

Speaking of reading, Miu took me to Rao’s Coffee to do some work and get some reading done. It was my first time and I’m so amazed by the atmosphere; they even have couches for me to lounge on! I never want to leave Rao’s…. In fact, right now I’m actually sitting in Rao’s drinking my Iced Green Tea and eating a Vanilla Oreo from a nearby donut shop called Glazed Donut Shop. This is actually the third Vanilla Oreo I’ve eaten in the past week…. (I think I need help).

Secret: I’ve also got a Mint Chocolate Oreo donut stashed in my bag that I’m saving for later. And by later, I mean as soon as I finish this blog post. Here is their website: http://www.glazedamherst.com


Enough about food…I need to start being healthy. Which reminds me, I also went to the pool yesterday for the first time this summer! I miss the water so much and yesterday was about 90 degrees… So Julia and I decided we need a pool day. As we got there, you’d never guess who I saw. MY FIRST SEMESTER CHEMISTRY PROFESSOR! She was swimming laps and playing Monkey in the Middle with her kids. At Amherst, it’s definitely not uncommon to see professors working out in the gym. As I approached her, she greeted me with an exuberant hello, which spiraled into a 20 minute long conversation about her summer research. After our workout sess, she even invited me to dinner sometime! This is why I love Amherst professors! They are so friendly and really take time to get to know their students. I can give you statistics about our class size and what not, but I think this story definitely speaks about the student-teacher interaction here.

 Last thing (I promise! sorry this blog post is so long) that happened to me this week is my growing stardom. After my tour today, a prospective student came up to me and thanked me for my tour and told me that she read my blog. (MY FIRST FANNN!!) It literally made my day. If you visit Amherst and I happen to be your tour guide, please don't hesistate to tell me that you read my blog.

So I’ve decided to start something new. I’m gonna give special shoutouts in my next posts to anyone who emails me during the week telling me how great I am (just kidding…but not really…). Also please email me suggestions for books to read next!

As usual, if you also have any questions about Amherst or anything, please email me at jyau16@amherst.edu.

Until next time,