July 1st, 2013

RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY, COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY (or actually just don’t come at all…) This was literally my mantra for the past couple of days. Aside from the multiple flash flood warnings my phone has sent me, there has been some heavy duty showers and thunderstorms. But before I get into a depressive mood about the climate, here’s a picture of a rainbow I saw above one of the first-year dorms!


Anyways, dear LF’s, I hope you guys are doing well no matter what the weather is wherever you’re reading this blog from. Things have started to pick up here in the Admission office, 


but more importantly we’ve had a change of personnel. Our beloved bosses, the Green Deans or Admission Fellows, Julie ’12 and Tyler ’11, a.k.a. some of the coolest people ever, had their last day on Friday. Us interns organized a surprise party Friday afternoon with pies to the face and a mini-pastry platter from Black Sheep Deli.

Look at this deliciousness!


So today, we had two new Admission Fellows start their first day. What are Admission Fellows you ask? They are recent graduates who stay at Amherst for one more year to help do dean-like duties (i.e. read applications, do information sessions, etc). When first coming to Amherst, I thought I wanted to have a career as an admissions officer; so the first step was to become a green dean.  However, after a year in college, I realize that there were other career opportunities and options that I could explore. Basically this is just a nice way of saying “I’m a complete mess and I don’t have an inch of a clue as to what I want to do with my life”.

 This is a common phrase uttered amongst first year students, BUT luckily, with the help of the Career center (link: https://www.amherst.edu/campuslife/careers) and my academic advisor, I was able to plan out my class schedule and potential career moves that I could pursue. I had been always pressured by my parents into the math/science track with the intent of going to medical school for Neuroscience after Amherst. However, after taking a math and chemistry class in the first semester, I instantaneously discovered that this path was not for me.

This is where the open curriculum comes into play. At Amherst, there are no required classes/core courses that students must take. And because I was not worried about fulfilling requirements, I was able to delve into other departments/fields that I might not have necessarily looked at. So second semester, I did a complete 180. 

My First Year Course Load:

Fall Semester:                                             Spring Semester:

Friendship (first year seminar)                     Elementary French

Multivariable Calculus                                  Novels in Pre-modern China

Intro to Psychology                                      Pop Culture in Western Europe

Intro to Chemistry                                        Intro to Bio


See what I’m talking about? I really enjoy having no distribution requirements that I had to fulfill because the open curriculum puts the responsibility of my education back into my own hands; I was able to mold my first year education into such explorational (I don’t think that’s an actual word but I’m using it nonetheless!) experience.

sunshine! Anyways, because this post was more academic based, I shall leave you guys with a picture from an outing adventure to a nearby pond called Puffer’s Pond.

As usual, if you guys have any questions or book suggestions or for fun outdoor New England adventures/activities, feel free to email me at jyau16@amherst.edu. I look forward to hearing from you guys!









 Until next time,





P.S. I'm on page 259 of Naked by David Sedaris so I'm almost done with the book!