I have a confession to make:

I, Kayla White, have not explored all of the nifty places on campus that I rave about during my tours.  Well, a couple of corrections: I had not, and I'd been to them all, I just hadn’t explored all the nooks and crannies.  But, friends, I am proud to say that I have and they are WAY cooler than I ever thought (I already knew, if only through the grapevine, that they were pretty neat spaces). 

So that I would no longer be a hypocrite, I spent Sunday (and a bit of Saturday) going around to different places on campus and off to find out what I was missing.

I went to Jones Library on Saturday.  Jones is the public library just in the town of Amherst, about two minutes walking distance from my room, which clearly means that I have just been being lazy since this was the first time I’d gone.  As with all libraries, there is so much stuff there!  Of course there are books galore, but beyond that they have a section for learning languages, ESL, a career center, and a lovely little art exhibit upstairs in the building.

Jones artwork
more Jones artwork!


I browsed around for a while looking for some of the books on my personal summer reading list and stumbled upon some of the aforementioned areas.  In the foreign language section I picked up a Rosetta Stone-like learning kit for Farsi.  I’ve never heard Farsi spoken before and know little about it, but since it was there, I decided to give it a try. 

Jones is definitely a lovely space to relax where everything inside is free!  A beautiful combination.

The Mighty Stearns Steeple



Now to the awesome stuff on campus.  I’ve been to the Mead Art Museum before, so this area wasn’t really new to me, but I thought I might as well see what was on display.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside, so feel free to check out some of works here.        



The Mighty Stearns Steeple




Though these places are cool, I really wrote this blog post to gush about the dinosaur museum, more officially called The Beneski Museum of Natural History.  This place is so cool.  The building itself is not gigantic, but there is so much inside!  Once again, pictures can say so much more than I can, so enjoy!


Why, hello there!


Who wouldn't want to walk into a museum and be greeted by this guy?!








This is such a great display.













Look at these guys!










(Left) Bivalves, or as the caption says, "important reef-forming organisms." (Right) This is a fantastic fossil of a Baltoeurpterus Tetragonophthalmus; I definitely looked at the name plate for this one.

A lovely part of our mineral collection.

Does this not look like a city from an apocalypse movie??
But it is actually another one of the pieces in the mineral collection. Really cool.


'Sup guys.

More tracks!


So many dinosaur tracks!!







Well, now that I’ve gotten all that off my chest, I bid you all farewell. 


rawr!! Rawr!!